Mother's Day Gift Guide | Kildare Village (AD)


Sometimes we get so caught up building and living our own grown-up lives, we forget our parents are growing old twice as fast too. I am 100% guilty of this, due to the busy schedule I bring upon myself; although I technically still live at home, I'm rarely ever there.

So, with Mother's Day soon approaching, I wanted to do something special for my Mama.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Review


West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week with The Style Edit


It seems I've earned an additional title to put in my bio: Fashion Contributor to The Style Edit Media - an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to celebrating style from fashion and beauty to food, travel and interiors. Founder and editor Jenny Taggart have scoured the globe to bring you an eclectic team of expert contributors, and I'm honoured to have been chosen as Dublin Reporter alongside my partner in crime, Lawson! One of our first tasks was to take a trip up to Belfast for a day of content filming and of course, fashion. So off we went, Lawson and I, on my first train trip to Belfast on the 26th of October.

Electric Picnic 2017 with Aussie Hair


(Do you know what though, I'm not even the slightest sorry for posting this over a month late. And I only really am because a hurricane just hit Ireland and I'm wishing it was festival season again, plus I had video clips I didn't want left dusting in my hard drive - see link to my short vlog at the end of this post!) So in case you didn't know, I went to Electric Picnic this year!

My Internship at Connector


No more than two weeks after sitting my final college exam in May, I started my internship at Connector as Junior Accounts Executive. As my contract comes to a close, I wanted to reflect and share with you some of my great experiences and lessons learnt from working in what had been my home for the last four months.