On August 17, 2015, I got the pleasure to work with an amazing team for the production of Nawawear Lookbook. Nawawear is a clothing brand released to the public just a month after our shoot, designed and hand-made by Kine Samanthie: a 23 year-old mum and fashion enthusiast originally from Sri Lanka, but residing in Norway.



MUCH HYPE. CAN'T COPE. You don't need much introduction. Balmain x H&M Collaboration launched in Dublin last Wednesday 4th November, exclusively at H&M's Flagship College Green store. With almost 800 guests present and the rails being almost emptied after just a short while, this launch has easily exceeded all collaborations (so much so that the site was down for most of Thursday, and that the queue outside the store was insane, not just in Dublin but in other cities of the world too, have you seen video clips?!) 

So...? Fragrance Press Day & GIVEAWAY!


On Wednesday, 2nd of September I attended So...? Fragrance's Press Day at House Dublin for the launch of their new range So...? Couture. I got an exclusive invite three weeks prior to the event, and for that I have Emma O'Farrell to thank for!

#GossMeetsLive · Lisa Fitzpatrick, Marissa Carter and Rosanna Davison


Following's success on their first and recently announced brand new monthly event Goss Meets LIVE!, I bring you an insider-tale of the fabulous evening I had on August 19th. Had it not been for my lovely blogger and dear friend Rosee, I would probably have discovered this event a little too late. (hey R' if you're reading, sorry but I won't be including our pictures in this post because you make me look unbelievably short...) 

My College Essentials: Stationery & Other Things


Nothing turns me on more than the very thought of stationery shopping, and frankly I don’t care if I’m on my own on this one. I've shopped for most of these things (with the exception of those I've had and kept from previous years) early in August because apart from being overly excited, I wanted to make sure I get this post published to show you options and suggestions before you head out and venture into buying things you might eventually dislike. So, whether you’re a pen and paper person or a digital demon, I’ve compiled some of the best (IMO) stationery essentials and accessories to make sure that you are the envy of the library and study in style. (Side note, expect to find  mostly monochrome and minimalistic items - if you're into floral/animal/colourful prints, this may not be for you. Soz.)

Recent Make Up Buys


Seeing as I've started doing make-up videos on Youtube, I figured I needed to restock on a few make-up products that are desperately clinging on to life (such as my face powder that's 3% powder dust and 97% pan, and my eyebrow pencil the length of a todd's pinky finger..) So I hit the nearest Boots Pharmacy yesterday and decided to write a blog post about it just incase you wanted to have a nose snoop up a few of these things yourselves! 
My Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation has finally run out, and I intended to replace it with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation but they didn't have my shade, so I ended up with something I've never tried before - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 48 Sun Beige. The colour, when I tested, seemed to match my neck; I just hope it provides me that "poreless perfection finish" it claims to give! Collection Pressed Powder is a repurchase - but in 10 Daydream. I like to yolo my way through picking face powder shades and just hope for the best ya know. Another repurchase is the ultimate love of my life: Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in light (because I use it as highlight concealer). I've mentioned in my previos beauty empties post that I'm always kind of hesitant in buying this because I go through it too quickly (€11.99 for only 6 ml!!) and I'm a cheap c*nt. Anyways I got that and the foundation under the buy 1 get 2nd half price offer on Maybelline products, so it's not too bad! 
Colder months are approaching which means college is right around the corner which means I wouldn't have the time to bronzer-sculpt (every day). So, I ventured into buying MAC Powder Blush in Stark Naked to give me soft fresh flush with little flecks of gold shimmer within minimal effort of brush stroking! Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 02 Birdy Song is another repurchase. If you've seen my GRWM video you might have noticed that I use three (two, when I'm not bothered..) pencils to get my brows on fleek. Be aware that this is a kohl pencil and not specifically an eyebrow pencil, so unless you have really light and steady hands I don't recommend this is the pencil for you! 
Repurchase number 4 goes to my holy nudey grail Wet n Wild · Bare It All, accompanied by an impulse buy Sand Storm (the "new" sticker on it got to me okay, I had to.) €2.99 for quality matte lipsticks, you really can't have too many.. 
I've had my eyes set on this Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (Ultra Matte 1) since the start of summer but never had the committment to spend on a non-everyday wear palette, but since this Youtube thang commenced I've acquried this mentality that "ah sure I'll be able to put it to use somehow, someday.. popping colours on your eyelids isn't only legal during the summer time.. right? right.. yep." I've tried two colours out of it and so far I'm really happy with its pigmentation, it's easy to blend too! 

That is it for today's post dolls, I know it's short but it's not me being lazy, if anything it's actually me trying to produce content as consistent as I can; regardless of the post length I hope you still take inspo from my little Deetales! Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a smooth week so far,


What Dee Wore #4 | Summer Night Out feat. Rianna Phillips


This might as well be a throwback post at this stage.. It's better (kind of) late than to leave these files on the hard drive unblogged about, right? You've probably seen this outfit umpteen times as I've put it up on all my social media except Blogger; but I shall make no exceptions! On the 11th of last month, I went out to my dear friend Iana's 18th birthday at Maldron Hotel. It was a fancy shmancy sit down dinner, and it was requested that guests arrived in formal attire. Which was no bodj, except for the fact that I was restricted from wearing black *cries of panic*. With that in mind, I was obviously  then quick to decide that I would opt for an all-white look (ended up being ivory, close enough..) 
Over the last season I've truly been tickled by tailored, menswear-inspired looks. But bearing in mind my (lack of) height, I assumed the blazer-and-pants combo wasn't totally going to work for me. Luckily, Miss Selfridge got my back! The ideal sharp look I was going for was kept while also being playful with this blazer jacket and textured skort combo. If I had ended up with trousers I'm afraid I would've looked too swallowed up as I'm not a 5"10 goddess like Kendall! 
The ensemble of course would not be complete without gold accents - I'm wearing gold wrap front playsuit from Topshop's Oh My Love range with metallic gold studded faux leather belt. 
Typically I would've opted to wear pointed court shoes or non-platform high heeled sandals, but because I have this unworn fresh pair of New Look T-Bar Strap Platform Block Heels (I cannot find the link to the white pair anywhere?!) I got too excited, and yes of course, also because I needed that height assistance.. This pair is almost identical to Topshop's Platform Sandals, same cross-strap front and adjustable silver buckle fastening, just without the T-bar strap which is honestly tempting me to snap mine off, hmm..? Strolling in these platforms is seriously like gliding through thin air, I've lasted a whole night (from pre-drinks to clubbing to post-clubbing Burger King) in them no bother! And without a single blister!
My choice of clutch bag quite literally spells out coolness, thanks to Rianna and Team! Rianna Phillips recently launched their AW 2015 Collection and I was given the pleasure to sport one of their new portfolio clutch bags before the collection even went live on their site. Initially I wanted the C'est La Vie clutch bag but apparently they had very limited amount of it manufactured at the time to be sent out to bloggers so I then hand-picked the Coolness Portfolio Clutch Bag. It's the first time they've added detachable chain straps to their digitally printed cotton canvas clutch bags so that's quite exciting, also I really enjoy its size (10x8 inches) - the perfect clutch bag size for a night out! For me anyways: it fits my passport, emergency make-up, camera, phone, and my money kept safe in the little sewn in pouch (I could even fit my change of slipper-sandals if I wanted to, my feet are that tiny!) The print and the colours of this bag is quite versatile so it's easy to style with, however you might have to leave it in for the rainy days/nights.. 
I got my hair cut the morning of this event and I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to share the reason why I've decided to get a full fringe just yet, but.. how are yee dolls liking or not liking it? It's definitely something I've had to get used to for a few weeks, but now I'm absolutely loving it! #AsianSia
This whole outfit can easily be dressed down with a change of footwear - although I don't have pictures to back me up on this, I did slip into my ZARA chunky heeled sandals (also flashed in my previous #WDW post) to present a rather day-time appropriate look to this 'fit, as seen on my Get Ready With Me video featuring my whole look as shown in these pictures (peep the video and witness me be in my pure element!) 
If you're new to my blog (hello, thanks for dropping by!) you might not know that I've recently set up a Youtube channel for In The Deetales. I'd appreciate it so much if you could spare few minutes of your time to check it out and subscribe! Also if you could leave any feedback or suggestions, that'd be fab too! I'm really excited with what I've put out so far and for what's yet to come, I would love to have you join in on my Youtube journey. 
Until my next post, 

- D

My Book Wishlist


Overlooking the fact that I'm a "blogger", you should know that I am not a massive book nerd or even an avid reader (of books, that is). I've read probably no more than twenty five books in my time from front to back cover, most of which I have had to read to cover my English curriculum in school and  then about less than a handful novels I've read for my own pleasure - the latest being Paper Towns by John Green (only because the film is near premiering, who else is buzzing to see it raise ya hand?!) I know there is no valid excuse I could give myself for not reading (often) enough, but with college readings and blogging and work and everything else - who really has time to sit and finish a book? Not me! *comforts self with the fact that I am not majoring in English* With those being bluntly admitted, less than half a year from now it will be Christmas. And before that, my birthday. There may also be anniversaries, national holidays and many more events in between. Just a few lines from now you will be known of my book wishlist. Eventually you will find yourself scratching your head because some sort of occasion/celebration will arise and you are required to gift me with something(s) to show your appreciation of my blessed existence. You best read on, I'm here to save you all the trouble.
Blog post inspo, whether you're purposely looking for it or not, is everywhere - and in this particular time I found it in Urban Outfitters. As I had time to kill in-between my henna appointments the other day, (shameless plug: slide into my DMs if you want to book an appt. with me!) I let my feet be led by my empty pockets into UO Temple Bar. I usually pop in there, although I rarely ever buy anything bc I CAN'T BLOODY AFFORD ANYTHING. But anyway I spent a good couple of minutes wandering around a table bundled with a mass of books in the corner of the first floor - which resulted to this post being written right now. Note that I haven't yet read any of these books (with the exception of skimming through some of them), and therefore cannot vouch for their content. This is not in any way meant to be a book review post anyway; for you, I have put together a list of fourteen books I am currently interested in - all available for purchase instantly when you click on the book titles which will redirect you straight to Amazon website, although I'm almost certain they may be available at your nearest UO branch too. (Also note that I am not being sponsored/paid by UO to write this post, I gave you a little back story of how this post came about, and I bloody wish UO sponsored me with these books for real bc that would actually complete me right about now..) HOWEVER all the Amazon links below are **affiliate links!

1. Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie
I may not be hipster enough to have Wreck This Journal included in this wishlist, but I do fancy something sort of alike. This book is one of those fill-it-out-yourself books, only you're advised to do it with someone special. Flipping through the pages I thought it'd be really cute to do with your best gal pal, it doesn't even have to be with a boyfriend (cheers, Currie) and when you're done, let it serve to be a fun time capsule you can both look back on!

Take some tips from the advertising guru himself, and learn how to turn the impossible into the possible. Packed full of facts, pictures and wisdom, this book is an absolute must if you, like myself, are determined to fight your way to the very top. 

This is a workbook that will "help you create or refine your business idea and take it from concept to market." It is about disruption, and doing things differently. It is about having ideas that will change the world. "That will at least change your world." And damn I want to give this book a chance to change my world!

4. How To Be Parisian by Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan & Sophie Mas
Learn the ways of the Parisian Bohemian lass in this field guide book. With authentic French guidance, you'll learn how to handle first dates, parties, hangovers and sensual times.. Although I'm not much of a Francophile, I have been seeing this book floating all over Instagram feeds and I won't deny I can aesthetically visualize it on mine too.. 

5. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham
I was meant to actually hunt a pdf file for this book long before I saw it in the shop, but before I get shot by the blogger police let me just settle the case by reminding you that I made this list for the books I want to obtain physically, not illegally.. With Dunham's unique powers of observation, wisdom and humour, this candid read tells the tale of what it is to be a young woman, and what she has "learned" having been one. 

6. DIY Fashion Shoot by Emily Stein & Celia Willis
This DIY fashion shoot book is crammed with innovative shoot ideas for you (me, really..) to give a go, with everything ranging from a quick 20-minute styling competition to a half-day shooting challenge. Give me this book, money to buy clothes and a whopper photographer, I'm sorted!

7. 100 Ideas That Changed The Web by Jim Boulton
Straying away from anything fashion-related, this book interested me because if you didn't already know, Information and Social Computing is one of my Joint Majors. Having taken modules such as Digital Judgement and Information Design in first year, I probably already know the hundred ideas that changed the web but you know.. I'll need a physical reminder, and I'm not talking about the lecture slide print outs. 

8. Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
This straight-talking companion is your wise and truthful beauty handbook on what you really should - and certainly should not - be doing. As quoted from Bobbi Brown: "Sally decodes beauty for any woman with smart, simple, and practical advice." Uh, I think we could all use a bit of Sali's beauty wisdom, right dolls? 

9. It by Alexa Chung
I know, I know, I'm a bit late on the It hype but swear down my admiration for Alexa has been blossoming long time, and I'm gutted I couldn't make it to her meet and greet at Brown Thomas last November.. Icon, muse, model or presenter - call her whatev, Alexa Chung is one of fashion's elite. It offers an insight into her world with childhood memories, influences and inspirations. The book includes personal photographs, illustrations and - more importantly for gals like myself - style tips! The book also brims with tips on getting dressed in the morning, make-up and hair how-to's through to dating and heartbreak. This, is how you get the masses to get to know you: you write a book about it. Not through your 140 characters-limited tweets. 

10. The Dress by Megan Hess
This book is a collection of the 100 greatest moments in fashion history, with emphasis on the dresses, all beautifully illustrated by Megan Hess. If I wanted the perfect coffee table read, this would be it.

11. Why Fashion Matters by Frances Corner
As one of life's greatest form of self-expression, Head of London College of Fashion Frances Corner has put together this book comprising the intricacies and contradictions of the encapsulating world of fashion. I want this book, I want to know why

12. Alexander McQueen edited by Claire Wilcox
It's McQueen, ofcourse this book is gonna be a bit pricey! I've actually already had the chance (and pleasure) to flick through this glorious masterpiece at a boutique I used to work in, and not that I needed a reminder, but my God is McQueen a legend. This book contains images and commentaries on McQueen's visionary work, and trust me there is no regret in delving into the mind of one of Britain's most provocative designers! Ugh, love love love. 

13. Style Stalking by Piera Gelardi  and Christene Barberich 
Refinery29 presents this guide to ultimate street style, featuring fashion editors, bloggers, and icons, all rocking their most eye-catching looks. (Excuse me, when do I get to be published on a book please?! Allow..) But seriously what better way to get tips and tricks of the street style trade  than from the people who seriously know what they are doing, right? 

14. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
I'd be lying if I said this book came to the bottom of my list at random. This book tracks Sophia Amoruso - CEO of Nasty Gal - and her journey from humble eBay beginnings into the multi-million clothing label we know today, packed with behind-the-scenes and eye opening stories. Even without being the CEO of a multi-million label, I do consider myself a #Girlboss too. In fact considering yourself as a #Girlboss is the only way you actually get to become the CEO of a multi-million label, and my biggest aspiration is to live by that. You can understand why it's only appropriate my hands are itching for this book the most! 

I hope my fourteen brief descriptions have inspired yee dolls to pick up some (or all!) of these books for yourselves too, as even if nobody hands them to me gift-wrapped with a bow, I know that I will work to get them for myself anyway (#Girlboss attitude in action right there.) ORRRR you can help me out by **clicking on the links and purchasing from there. It won't cost you more but I will receive a tiny commission for recommending them to you. If you do so, I thank you! 

Btw, have you had the chance to subscribe to my new Youtube channel yet? 

Until next post, 

What Dee Wore #3 | feat. Polette Eyewear


About time I got to shoot another one of these outfit posts for yee dolls! I spent my day off last Tuesday in town with the girlos - we had dinner at the new authentic BBQ joint Smokin' Bones, but before we headed for platters of spicy chicken wings, racks of ribs and pulled pork sliders (sounds absolutely nom, right? How evil would it be if I teased you with accompanying photos that would make your mouth water..) I MADE SURE I let my pals spare a bit of their time for my (only) chance to get these blog pictures taken. And of course, our first stop had to be at the-college-that-shall-not-be-named, which made my every step quite excrutiating (You'll get this once you understand that I'm a UCD student, and if you recognise the campanile behind me.) Nevertheless, it was a productive trip - not only for these pictures but also for another little som'in som'in I'm working on.. 
I'm particularly excited to share this post with you dolls because I want to proudly talk about my collaboration with Polette. The label's concept lies on a simple yet groundbreaking idea: being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer. This means that the frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops to your doorstep, therefore avoiding stock and intermediates to high margins. With such a business model, L'usine à lunettes by Polette offers highly-competitive prices without compromising quality. Polette offers a huge variety of designs, to allow anyone to afford style and quality. On their website you'll see that it is a journey through the highlights of the Eyewear, with retro and vintage designs, from classic to eccentric. 
About three weeks ago, Florijn from Polette kindly presented me with a Press Account on their website, from which I was able to order a pair of sunglasses and up to two accessories of my choice. Florijn advised me to compare the width of my favourite glasses with the width provided in each product image gallery on the site. I found that extremely helpful in the process of picking the right frames for me, and I feel that online eyewear businesses should really take note of this feature as it improves clients' willingness to purchase eyewear online - I know too many who hesitate on ordering sunglasses online because they are unsure of how it'll fit on them. Once I know that the size is right, the style then is my only concern. It didn't take long for my Press Account to be activated after signing up, but it did take me a while to decide on which pair of sunnies to order - with more than 900 FAB design frames, how can you expect me not to put everything in my cart?! But in the end, my heart settled with Jimini (Fashion Lenses). Click on that link and you'll see what I mean when I say the measurements are very well illustrated, you can thank me later. Another thing that I love about Polette and for which you'll thank me for, again, is that they let you choose lense type: Fashion Lenses, Single Vision Lenses and Progressive Lenses. All of these lenses are anti-reflective and anti-scratching. Some have very important RX for strong corrections. When choosing lenses it's important to note that you only need Progressive Lenses if you require glasses for both nearby and far away. This is indicated with ADD on your prescription. Not only are the frames fashionable, the lenses are hella functional too. Thumbs up, Polette. 
I swear by this Black Jimini to turn my Boss Bitch mode on everytime I wear it, which is practically (nearly) every damn day. I love love love it so much, and that golden bridge - so hot and utterly elegant! 
As for the accessories, I picked the Tempo Grey and Flamingo Paradise cotton wipe. The grey case is made out of biological cotton that is sure to protect my specs with very much subtlety. I was surprised to find two cotton wipes in my parcel as I only ordered one, so I guess it's safe to assume that the white Polette printed wipe accompanies every eyewear order. They are both made of 100% biological cotton, both super cute too! 

My overall experience with Polette was very pleasant and indeed informative, and obviously stylish. Florijn has been very generous to me, from the complimentary order to offering tips for adjusting the frame. It took around two weeks for my parcel to arrive, and when it did I made sure to give her notice that it hasn't been the best of sunny days in Dublin (ay what's new..) therefore my blog post feature may come a little later than I intend it to (girl, look what date it is now!) But she understood, she took the pressure off me and suggested that postponing is better than carrying through, if the whether doesn't permit. (I'm sure you'll be reading this Florijn, I want to just say Thank You again.) If all else works out, I may even discuss further partnership with Polette and possibly hold a giveaway or provide discount codes for my dear readers. How would you dolls like that? 
Phew, a change of location yassss. 
I recently purchased this Burnout Reptile Duster Jacket from Topshop in UK 6, as I was told they were never sold in UK 4. According to Topshop site, it is now only available in UK 4. Cheers man :) But sure I don't think it fits me bad, I love how it falls mid-calves and the sleeves (although folded in the pictures,) aren't too long for me either. I suppose I'm only really UK 4 when it comes to body-fitting type of clothing. 
I didn't want the duster jacket to swallow me up as it is so I made sure to give balance to the 'fit and exposed a bit of leg skin. Besides it is June, I shouldn't have to wear black skinny jeans with a duster jacket.. 'mon now Ireland. I'm wearing Velvet Culottes from Topshop, which is now sold out. They do however have Faux Leather CulottesLeather-Look Culottes and Pleated Culottes available en ce moment. This particular pair of culottes have become my go-to bottomwear as of lately - it's trendy and the fact that it's soft velvet means I'm provided with ultimate comfort too. They're very similar to this pair by ASOS. 
Okay okay, is it time to spaz over how these Block Heel Sandals from ZARA just proclaim "THIS PAIR OF SANDALS WAS DESIGNED AND MADE FOR DEEZUS"?! 
Thought I'd include that image which was taken just a few moments before I wore it out for the first time - incase I'll ever need a reminder of how lush they were before I wear them the heck out. 
I have not had a lot of use out of this cherry-coloured clutch/shoulder bag I got gifted by my good friend Ydrian - yet. So far I've brought it out to dinner (enough to fit my camera, make-up and cash) and out to the night club (enough to also fit my tiny change of slippers after a tiring night of being Deeyoncé on the dance floor), and I can tell this won't be the last time you see it featured on my blog. Thanks Y'! 
I kept to mute accessories - Swatch Ladies' Strawberry Jam Watch and Velvet Choker from Choke Me Jewelry - my Jemini frames screams loud enough for itself.
Oops, I guess I am a little evil. 

I am aware of how lengthy and info-packed this post is.. I hope you liked this read anyway as much as I loved working on it. Do let me know if you'd like a Polette giveaway or even a discount code - I'll sort ya out! 

'Till next post and thank you for making it this far down, 

- D

Dipili x Kimberly Goldson


Hi dolls and gents! Summer's barely begun, and already I've lost all sense of consistency. If you don't already know from all my social media, I'm working full time now - atleast for the whole summer. It's quite a valid excuse on my part for having not posted anything since my first year of college came to a halt, I was thrown into work literally the morning after my last exam. No complaints though, I've been really excited to get back into the boutique (which I'm currently sitting in as I type), since the short week-end training I had just before finals started in May. 

I work in Dipili Boutique Dublin - an eclectic little boutique in the city centre featuring a collection of beautiful pieces from emerging as well as established designers from around the globe. I must admit that I fell into starting work at Dipili at a just time - it being currently concentrated and engaged in organizing an event that's been highly anticipated. Kimberly Goldson, finalist of the internationally acclaimed television show "Project Runway" announced the global expansion of her label in Dublin, at the renowned Dipili Boutique. I wasn't a loyal viewer of Project Runway (who in Ireland is, tbh..?) but I knew enough about it. I knew well enough of the chances that my York readers/followers will absolutely wet themselves wish to be me once I post a picture of myself and Kimberly. Can you imagine my excitement (and slight panic) from the moment I was made aware of a famous New York fashion designer's visit to my new work place? Heart eyes emoji all over. 

It's almost like being thrown in the deep-end of a swimming pool when you're only able to hold your breath for three exhausting seconds: but you savour the adrenaline rush anyway. Not only was I just beginning to learn how the boutique operates on a day-to-day basis, but because of the event I suddenly found myself transformed to social media manager, event organiser, and graphic designer, all the while still being a sales associate. So my first few days at work went a little mad, but I liked that. I liked being up on the balls of my busy feet all day, knowing that every bit of experience I was getting was undoubtedly rewarding. I wasn't assigned a task I couldn't be trusted to do, and I didn't voluntarily take on a job I couldn't deliver with the best of my potential. 

How often does one get the opportunity to touch, smell, steam and hang fabulous clothing pieces that have walked the runways of New York Fashion Week? Not very often. I'm a lucky little one. 

I met Kimberly on the 20th of May, the day before our Press Preview, and the day I gathered the courage to be absolutely ridiculous and ask her for a shameless Snapchat selfie (if you seen, you seen.) She brought with her her fantastic range of 2015 Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter Collection to be showcased and sold in the boutique. Her line is exactly how I expected it to be: features of metropolitan designs that represent the new millennium woman while capturing the spirit of her home - and my dream home - New York City

It's not a major issue but I felt that it was rather upsetting the fact that Kimberly Goldson is not well-known in Dublin, compared to her outstanding fame in the States. I found myself prompting customers with the question "Are you familiar with the American TV show Project Runway?" and only then could I introduce Kimberly with a more prominent impact. But sure, isn't that the reason why we had her over? It's all about true publicity, networking, and business, people. 

Good clothes, good food, good music and good company: complete recipe for a successful event. Although not everyone we sent invites to were able to attend, we were very much pleased with the attendance turn-out. I had a lovely evening meeting and conversing with individuals of various professions and characters. The press, bloggers, customers as well as friends all came to show keen interest and support to this collaboration. My Dipili team (Alma, Charlie, Aoife, Thomas) and I put so much of our time and effort into this, and on behalf of them I would like to extend my Thank You to those who popped in, my new pals Iveta and Amy for your kind lending hands, Bach 16 for the catering and Prosecco, Angel Cruisers for the slick bike, Omar for his assistance down to every little thing, Tara Mulhare for her contribution in everything and trust in us, and ofcourse Kimberly Goldson herself.

You didn't think I'd let this blog post come to a near end without an overview of what I wore, did you? Nah-uh. 

I played it safe yet still sophisticated in an all-black attire to correspond to the type of event and my surrounding. I paired up this leather look pintuck pleated midi skirt with my trusty 'aul H&M ribbed roll neck and of course my treasured Penneys find - black court heels. I completed the look with a statement gold chain necklace, gold buckle textured belt, Guess gold watch, and Louis Vuitton Nano Monogram bracelet. Simple as. I contemplated on texturizing my hair but when I consulted my sister, I was told to keep it straight as it looks more chic. I listened.

 Oh what's that? Kimberly Goldson got in a picture with me? Yes she bloody did. You're well-jell, I know. 

Miss KG. Not just a stunning image with impeccable talents, but also a super woman with a sweet heart. (She left me with this KG "I finally got my pants!" tee before she bid farewell, tell me she's not a darling?!) (double bracketing to explain that the use of pants in the phrase is not scandalous, it's those things we call trousers around here which happens to be a trademark piece of Kimberly's.) It is in my pleasure to have met and worked with her, and to have her collection grace our boutique! This woman stays on her grind on a craft that she was clearly born for - enough reason for me to idolise her. I really wish for her to keep on top of her game and even proceed further in her blossoming career. I hope she has taken inspiration from her short trip to Dublin; perhaps we'll see traces of shamrock prints on her next collection? Who knows.

Photo credits would have to of course be given to Black Steam Media and Joao Porto - Thank you. 

I know it's a photo-heavy post but take it as my attempt to compensate for the lack of posts on here lately. I'm still very much active on my other social media especially on the 'gram, and while we're at it go on and give Dipili Boutique a follow, I've been taking over. 

I'm off work tomorrow and I intend to get a start on a follow-up post, this time a throwback of yet another event which took place in March. If you've made it this far scrolling through my rambles, you're a star and I give you 5 star emojis: same ratings I would give my experience so far at Dipili. 

Keep your eyes peeled,