22 Shades of Lipsticks


Hi dolls! I'm back with another make-up post for you. I've been bumming around the house lately (slow down, midterm break please?) but I didn't think that's an acceptable excuse to not blog anything just because I don't have make-up on or because I'm dressed in my jammies all day long. So, I got up and collected all my lipsticks in hand and began to play swatches on my arm! Fun! 
Wet 'n Wild | Bare It All
Wet 'n Wild | Just Peachy
Topshop | Whimsical
MAC | Honeylove
Wet 'n Wild | Pink Suga' 
All of these are heavily matte, apart from Whimsical as it is slightly satin. For a good while now I've been so loyal in using Bare It All (as featured in my everyday make up post), it's such a go-to nude shade and because Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lip Colours are retailed for an incredibly cheap price (€2.99!!) you really can't make a fuss about using up too much of the product even if consumed in just a short period of time. Unlike Honeylove (pardon the state, I just can't let go) although it is my absolute nude shade I haven't gotten around to replacing it (or even discarding it) just because I feel like I could live with my second top fave Bare It All anyway so why spend an extra €16.51, right? These nude shades are great not only for everyday use in college or at work, I've rocked them even at parties and night outs when I don't feel like having to worry about re-applying or making sure the colour stays within the penciled lines, and especially when I know I'm boutta be feasting on a lotta munchies.. All in all, nudes are great. Ha.
Rimmel | Drop of Sherry
Rimmel (Kate ♡) | 08
Elizabeth Arden | Starlight
Clinique | Bamboo Pink
Revlon | Pearl Cappuccino 
MAC | Dressmaker, Dressmaker
Avon | Perfect Peach
Honestly these are the lipsticks I wear the least. Not because the colours or the texture are unpleasant in any way at all, I just don't think glossy/glistening lips flatter me personally. The latter half of those in the picture above are still great nude shades I have to say, I'm just not one to sport shimmery or satin lips altogether. Why do I have them in possession then, you might wonder? Well because when I initially gained interest in wearing make-up, I've been a little insecure about my lips and so I've been kind of wary about drawing attention to them, that's how I've picked up so many subtle shades even then - I just didn't realise it wasn't enough that they were of nude shades, but that their texture did not compliment me either. I write this in hopes that you don't get discouraged from wearing non-matte lip products! It's all just a matter of experimentation and right judgement of what it is you feel completely comfortable in. So if you feel like a princess with your lips shimmering: shimmer away, princess! (The swatch pic above, as well as the rest, was taken without flash btw, that's how lushly incandescent these are!)
MAC | All Fired Up
Wet 'n Wild | Smokin' Hot Pink
NYX Matte | Shocking Pink
Rimmel | Pink Blush
Avon | Pink Pop
Maybelline Baby Lips | Pink Punch
Wearing pink on my lips never felt as pretty as when I swatched all these Barbie-ness on my arm! Very seldom would you see me wearing any of these shades even though I think they're absolutely too pretty for words. I guess the main reason why is because I feel like they highlight the yellowness of teeth, generally, so obviously I expect myself to stray away from that as much as possible.. Another reason why I only wear these pinks on rare occassions is possibly because I don't really wear much feminine-coloured clothing anyway, especially this past season. But just after typing that and now that I think about it even if you were wearing an all-black outfit, it would look hella smokin' when worn with a lip colour so vibrant like Shocking Pink - so um, I really have no excuse, damn it. Can we actually just take this moment to acknowledge how HOT Shocking Pink is, it's ridiculous! I love it so much even though I've only ever worn it once and I wish to change that, it's such a loud pink with a cool purple undertone and ugh, just so rad it's almost too luminous. It's important I bring attention to how Smokin' Hot Pink dupes All Fired Up so hard, you can tell on the swatch! So if you fancy the colour but you're hesitant to spend by sixfold, you know what to do sista'. The last three pinks are just sah cute, but cute is not really what I aim for so they're not the most ideal for me. They are also very sheen unlike the first three matte ones. I am aware that Pink Punch is a part of the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm collection, I included it in this post anyway because it does provide a tint of colour on your lips although very natural, as well as doing a satisfactory job on moisturising and hydrating your lips ofcourse. 
MAC | Smoked Purple
MAC | Rebel 
NYX | Chaos
Wet 'n Wild | Stoplight Red
Absolute weapons. In contrary to my mention of wariness in bringing attention to the shape of my lips when it came to wearing pinks, I am strangely gutsy when it comes to all four of these lippies. There's simply no explaining why, apart from my fave matte nude I feel like these four spell me out - bold and daring. They are all nicely cool-toned, too. The two reds are somewhat complementary of each other with their shades. Stoplight Red, just like all the Wet 'n Wild lipsticks featured, appears matte; Chaos on the other hand applies creamy but still stays put for a relatively good amount of time. Rebel leaves a satin finish and is ironically not as rebellious as Smoked Purple. Rebel undeniably looks darker in the tube than on skin, at least for me it does. It's a great berry lipstick, it's much easier to pull off for everyday use compared to Smoked Purple. It's quite disappointing that Smoked Rebel is showing as a russet kinda colour on the swatch, I guarantee you that when it's applied on the lips it's proper Smokey Vampy Purple! It's the darkest shade of lipstick I own to date (thanks to my sister's fab Christmas present choice, ily) although I've been longing to score myself the MAC Hautecore Lipstick for aaaaaages. For now, I can do without it as spring is supposedly peeping around the corner now, I think.. But I'll def' have it on lock soon! 

And that is it to wrap up my little lipstick collection, as it stands now. I hope you pick up two or a few of the lipsticks I listed above, and don't forget to tag or @ me when you Instagram it! 
Sending you dolls my kisses in all 22 shades,

- D

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