What Dee Wore #1 | Khaki kind of day


What better way to give an impression that you spent half an hour planning your outfit - when you really just can't be bothered - than throwing on a khaki parka jacket over a basic all-black ensemble? For my first outfit post I thought I would introduce to you what I'm all about: Minimalist Fashion. Recently I have reduced the amount of (unnecessary) items in my closet and have left only the practical, comfortable basics (a.k.a the kind of outfits that make you feel fabulous and indomitable all the time - and you know exactly what I'm talking about because we all have a few of those outfits). This 'fit is so minimalist only two blocks of colour feature, I even ditched decking accessories. 
I'm wearing BDG Parka Jacket in Khaki that I got from Urban Outfitters in the January sales originally priced €100+ discounted to €25! When do you ever get a steal like that from UO especially for a jacket?! Although they didn't have a size small in the sales rack anymore (I got it in M) I still couldn't pass out on such a bargain. It fits me like a longline would but I honestly prefer it this length! It's perfect for throwing on on seemingly lazy days, and because it is quite lightweight there's plenty of room underneath to layer on long sleeves and maybe another jacket like how I'm wearing it. The pockets are also a bonus (aren't they always?) in the way that I could easily chuck my phone and other things in there but most importantly my hands! I don't like wearing gloves so I definitely appreciate that these huge pockets keep my hands warm. Unfortunately this parka is sold out from their website so I cannot provide you a link. 
I discovered that the H&M ribbed roll neck crop top is also sold out, they do however have ribbed polo-neck top available although it's not cropped like mine. Topshop's ribbed roll neck crop top is very similar to what I'm wearing, the only difference is that the material is a little bit finer. I got my Zara rigid shopper last December to welcome my birth month, and I've been using it non-stop ever since. It's made to be the perfect college hand bag for me - the size, the rigid shape, the compartments and durability come very practical for all my college necessities like A4 notepads, laptop, chargers and purse. But before that realisation the bag's structure and colour above all is what made me fall in love with it at first sight. 
It makes me weep noticing how my Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans are slowly washing off to a charcoal grey colour. Why you gotta play me like this Topshop? If you know me well you'd already know I only f*ck with high waisted jeans - Joni Jeans specifically because no other pair of skinny jeans have fitted me so snug. And because I only own two pairs, this and Pretty Mid-Stone, I think it's safe to say I live in two pairs of skinny jeans. 
Would you believe I got this black court heels with ankle straps from Primark for €12? When I caught sight of these shoes in the shop I quickly hounded for a size 3 pair. And indeed I scored jackpot. There's not many things to say about this pair but that it is my feel-sophisticatedly-sexy favourite footwear. 
Suppose I might as well include this photo of Ceejay and I, he's not looking his worst and I appreciate him for patiently taking my outfit photos. Thank you ;) 

- D

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  1. What a simple but beautiful outfit! Absolutely love it :) I'm really loving longer coats at the minute and I usually wouldn't because I'm quite small, standing at only 5ft, but they add a bit of sophistication to any outfit. I can't believe you got that one for such a bargain! Great post :)

    Caitlin Crawford
    - xoxo