Beauty Empties: Repurchase or Nah?


Hey dolls! I apologise for the recent lack of posts, college and life generally has taken its toll on me (less than a month before Semester 2 exams commence, can I deactivate life and log back in at the end of May please?) yet here I am! One last post until I go MIA for an even longer period couldn't hurt (or I'm just awfully too good at procrastinating..) You might be wondering why you're reading a beauty empties post when we're only a week into the month, well ya girl is currently packing her whole life up in plastic bags and she can't be moving to a new house with a collective pile of poop so here we are! With no further adue, here are the beauty products I've been lovin' (or nah!) the past couple of months. 

Clearskin Professional daily correcting lotion spot treatment 

Repurchase? No. Not that it didn't do a good job, I'm just not one to keep loyal to skin care products. Personally I rarely get multiple spots at a time so I can live without intense skin care, and when I do get them I find that they don't really linger around for too long so I'm a lucky gal!

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream
Repurchase? No. I've literally kept this tube in my stack for well more than three years (I know, disgusting, but I swear I've stopped using it within the first six months of purchase!) I've only started experimenting with painting my face then so I thought it would be a good idea to begin with BB cream, but obviously my poor innocent knowledge left out the fuss of selecting the right shade and in result, this one just made me look like an oompa loompa - but redder. I do feel that I need to invest in a BB cream this season though, recommendations are welcome!

Covergirl tru blend liquid foundation | m4 sand beige
Repurchase? Yes! If I lived in The States - but I don't. *sobs. I got this foundation from Target when I was in LA last summer and I absolutely loved it! The colour was perfectly yellow-toned for me, the coverage was light enough but also buildable. I'd definitely repurchase soon as I step a foot in Target again, the foundation cost so little which is another plus but as for the plane fare, not so much!

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation | 03 Porcelain
Repurchase? Yes. Matter of fact, I did quite recently, but my new one is bottled differently although I'm pretty sure it's the exact same formula. Because I'm that girl who feels she has to pack on concealer beneath her eyes in a poor attempt to cover up her dark and deep circles, I've resulted to scoping up a heavy matte foundation that'll do the job instead of using actual concealer. I tend to use this as a highlighting concealer (hency why I have it in a porcelain shade) on not-so-ordinary days when I'm feeling fancy and indeed it does a very good job! I'm yet to find the same formula in my actual skin colour shade to use as an over-all foundation, but for now I use this in a combo with Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in soft beige.

Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation | 220
Repurchase? Yes. I loved this just as much as the Covergirl liquid foundation, and the right yellow-ness play a huge part in why that is. I feel like only very few brands in my local drugstore (Boots) offer yellow-toned foundation shades, and this Maybelline Fit Me series is definitely one of them. I would most likely repurchase this once I'm done with Rimmel liquid mousse foundation, just in time for the Irish heat wave.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer | light
Repurchase? Yes/No/Depends. This is an ultimate holy graiiiiil but I've stopped restocking after finishing two tubes because I go through them too quickly *sobs sobs* That is why I've resulted to using a thick matte foundation for my under eyes and anywhere else I want to highlight, because I just use up too much of it too fast. And for the price of this concealer, I can't afford to be maintaining that! Don't get me wrong it does an amazing job, I know a lot of beauty youtubers and bloggers and my own gal friends who use this on the daily! Depends because I definitely see myself repurchasing when the budget's not too low and when my dark circles improve. *crosses fingers*

Natural Collection Cover Up Stick | fair
Repurchase? No. I got this around the time I bought the Garnier BB cream; such. poor. make up. choices. Like, girl. I won't ever use cover up sticks to conceal or highlight, I hate the result so much I can't imagine how my 14 year-old self lived with it. I don't know if it applies to all concealer sticks but this one definitely creases especially around the eye area, and it also doesn't blend with face foundation.

Bourjois Paris Pressed Powder | 06 brun abricoté
Repurchase? Nah. This was given to me by my lovely babe Bola quite some time ago, because it was too light for her; and then I discovered it was too warm for my own complexion. I remember using this over the Garnier BB cream (haha, I've come a long damn way with make-up since). 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder | 006 warm beige
Repurchase? Duh. I have, over and over, forever and ever amen. C'est très affordable, controls oil for long hours, and makes my skin look super smooth and flawless! The packaging however is not so great, I've had one where the plastic cover cracked, and you can imagine how messy that played out to be.

Vaseline | Rosy Lips and Original
Repurchase? Yes. Though not in immediate time because I'm not that mad about it. The only times I really use it is at night before I go to bed and while I'm in the process of dolling up my face before the application of lipstick. They count for necessities, yes, but other than that you won't really find these little tins of jelly in my day hand bag or anything.

MAC Matte lipstick | Honeylove
Repurchase? Yes. I've talked about this in my lipstick collection post, peep it if you haven't yet! I'd probably repurchase this when I run out of Wet 'n Wild Bare It All just 'cause MAC Mattes are definitely a little less drying on the lips. If incase and for some odd reason it's out of stock, maybe I'd give MAC Velvet Teddy a first try instead. 

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner | black
Repurchase? InfinitexYes. Since I discovered this liquid eyeliner years back, I've been so loyal to it because I just didn't see a point in venturing into other ones I'm not familiar with and will probably disappoint. (Except that one time I tried out Wet 'n Wild H2O Proof liquid liner, I was caught in the W'nW hype then because they just got installed in Dublin - Penneys Henry Street, if you're wondering. That shit was wayyyy too water proof for my liking, there has been multiple occasions where I've gone to bed with them on and have gone through the next day with the same wing sitting so perfectly it's crazy! It came in handy those times but nah they're almost impossible to wipe off.) As much as I love this Collection eyeliner I really wish they'd reinvent and change the applicator altogether. The applicator it comes with, I find, doesn't give you control with the thickness (or thinness) of your desired line. More importantly, it certainly does not provide you with an on-fleek wing! I use either the brush that came with the W'nW liquid liner or the Essence one instead (aha! there's a cheeky little tip for ya).

Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner
Repurchase? No. I didn't even consume this product tbh, it's my sister's. I took it before she disposed it for the brush it came with because it's greattt.

Miss Sporty kohl eye pencil | 002
Repurchase? Yes. This is one of the two eye pencil combo I use for my more dramatic ombré eyebrow look (ah look, just dropped a second cheeky tip, I should really get on with my youtube "tutorials" before I spill all the beans all over these make up blog posts huh..) 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Repurchase? YesButCan't. It's too bloody expensive *insert bawling face emoji* I didn't even pay for this little deluxe sample, it came with the Benefit Bronze of Champions set I got gifted on my 18th birthday (which is an amazing set btw, love everything it comes with.) I had a good and flirty time with this mascara anyway, as well as the following one: 

Elizabeth Arden lash extending treatment mascara
Repurchase? Nah. You'd know I didn't buy this myself either because it's sold beyond Boots and Penneys *sigh* It came with the Elizabeth Arden Beauty Cosmetics Set that I also got as a present. I gotta give it to this mascara though, it lives up to its title - the whole time I was consuming it I really felt like it did a pretty sweet job in lengthening my lashes.

Clinique high impact mascara
Repurchase? Nah. The formula wasn't all that impressive in my opinion, it definitely did not help keep my lashes curled up which is what I look for the most when picking the right mascara.

Annnnd that is all for this post, dollies! What beauty products have you been using up lately? Let me know if your opinions of mentioned products differ from mine or if you have recommendations for me, my links are all on the right-hand side bar (>‿◠)✌
I'm quite content that I've finally got rid of crap that have just been piling up in my stash. New house, new make-up maybe? Stay tuned for my next post, I'll show you my new beauty and fashion picks of the month. 'Til then, 
- D