Dipili x Kimberly Goldson


Hi dolls and gents! Summer's barely begun, and already I've lost all sense of consistency. If you don't already know from all my social media, I'm working full time now - atleast for the whole summer. It's quite a valid excuse on my part for having not posted anything since my first year of college came to a halt, I was thrown into work literally the morning after my last exam. No complaints though, I've been really excited to get back into the boutique (which I'm currently sitting in as I type), since the short week-end training I had just before finals started in May. 

I work in Dipili Boutique Dublin - an eclectic little boutique in the city centre featuring a collection of beautiful pieces from emerging as well as established designers from around the globe. I must admit that I fell into starting work at Dipili at a just time - it being currently concentrated and engaged in organizing an event that's been highly anticipated. Kimberly Goldson, finalist of the internationally acclaimed television show "Project Runway" announced the global expansion of her label in Dublin, at the renowned Dipili Boutique. I wasn't a loyal viewer of Project Runway (who in Ireland is, tbh..?) but I knew enough about it. I knew well enough of the chances that my York readers/followers will absolutely wet themselves wish to be me once I post a picture of myself and Kimberly. Can you imagine my excitement (and slight panic) from the moment I was made aware of a famous New York fashion designer's visit to my new work place? Heart eyes emoji all over. 

It's almost like being thrown in the deep-end of a swimming pool when you're only able to hold your breath for three exhausting seconds: but you savour the adrenaline rush anyway. Not only was I just beginning to learn how the boutique operates on a day-to-day basis, but because of the event I suddenly found myself transformed to social media manager, event organiser, and graphic designer, all the while still being a sales associate. So my first few days at work went a little mad, but I liked that. I liked being up on the balls of my busy feet all day, knowing that every bit of experience I was getting was undoubtedly rewarding. I wasn't assigned a task I couldn't be trusted to do, and I didn't voluntarily take on a job I couldn't deliver with the best of my potential. 

How often does one get the opportunity to touch, smell, steam and hang fabulous clothing pieces that have walked the runways of New York Fashion Week? Not very often. I'm a lucky little one. 

I met Kimberly on the 20th of May, the day before our Press Preview, and the day I gathered the courage to be absolutely ridiculous and ask her for a shameless Snapchat selfie (if you seen, you seen.) She brought with her her fantastic range of 2015 Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter Collection to be showcased and sold in the boutique. Her line is exactly how I expected it to be: features of metropolitan designs that represent the new millennium woman while capturing the spirit of her home - and my dream home - New York City

It's not a major issue but I felt that it was rather upsetting the fact that Kimberly Goldson is not well-known in Dublin, compared to her outstanding fame in the States. I found myself prompting customers with the question "Are you familiar with the American TV show Project Runway?" and only then could I introduce Kimberly with a more prominent impact. But sure, isn't that the reason why we had her over? It's all about true publicity, networking, and business, people. 

Good clothes, good food, good music and good company: complete recipe for a successful event. Although not everyone we sent invites to were able to attend, we were very much pleased with the attendance turn-out. I had a lovely evening meeting and conversing with individuals of various professions and characters. The press, bloggers, customers as well as friends all came to show keen interest and support to this collaboration. My Dipili team (Alma, Charlie, Aoife, Thomas) and I put so much of our time and effort into this, and on behalf of them I would like to extend my Thank You to those who popped in, my new pals Iveta and Amy for your kind lending hands, Bach 16 for the catering and Prosecco, Angel Cruisers for the slick bike, Omar for his assistance down to every little thing, Tara Mulhare for her contribution in everything and trust in us, and ofcourse Kimberly Goldson herself.

You didn't think I'd let this blog post come to a near end without an overview of what I wore, did you? Nah-uh. 

I played it safe yet still sophisticated in an all-black attire to correspond to the type of event and my surrounding. I paired up this leather look pintuck pleated midi skirt with my trusty 'aul H&M ribbed roll neck and of course my treasured Penneys find - black court heels. I completed the look with a statement gold chain necklace, gold buckle textured belt, Guess gold watch, and Louis Vuitton Nano Monogram bracelet. Simple as. I contemplated on texturizing my hair but when I consulted my sister, I was told to keep it straight as it looks more chic. I listened.

 Oh what's that? Kimberly Goldson got in a picture with me? Yes she bloody did. You're well-jell, I know. 

Miss KG. Not just a stunning image with impeccable talents, but also a super woman with a sweet heart. (She left me with this KG "I finally got my pants!" tee before she bid farewell, tell me she's not a darling?!) (double bracketing to explain that the use of pants in the phrase is not scandalous, it's those things we call trousers around here which happens to be a trademark piece of Kimberly's.) It is in my pleasure to have met and worked with her, and to have her collection grace our boutique! This woman stays on her grind on a craft that she was clearly born for - enough reason for me to idolise her. I really wish for her to keep on top of her game and even proceed further in her blossoming career. I hope she has taken inspiration from her short trip to Dublin; perhaps we'll see traces of shamrock prints on her next collection? Who knows.

Photo credits would have to of course be given to Black Steam Media and Joao Porto - Thank you. 

I know it's a photo-heavy post but take it as my attempt to compensate for the lack of posts on here lately. I'm still very much active on my other social media especially on the 'gram, and while we're at it go on and give Dipili Boutique a follow, I've been taking over. 

I'm off work tomorrow and I intend to get a start on a follow-up post, this time a throwback of yet another event which took place in March. If you've made it this far scrolling through my rambles, you're a star and I give you 5 star emojis: same ratings I would give my experience so far at Dipili. 

Keep your eyes peeled,