What Dee Wore #3 | feat. Polette Eyewear


About time I got to shoot another one of these outfit posts for yee dolls! I spent my day off last Tuesday in town with the girlos - we had dinner at the new authentic BBQ joint Smokin' Bones, but before we headed for platters of spicy chicken wings, racks of ribs and pulled pork sliders (sounds absolutely nom, right? How evil would it be if I teased you with accompanying photos that would make your mouth water..) I MADE SURE I let my pals spare a bit of their time for my (only) chance to get these blog pictures taken. And of course, our first stop had to be at the-college-that-shall-not-be-named, which made my every step quite excrutiating (You'll get this once you understand that I'm a UCD student, and if you recognise the campanile behind me.) Nevertheless, it was a productive trip - not only for these pictures but also for another little som'in som'in I'm working on.. 
I'm particularly excited to share this post with you dolls because I want to proudly talk about my collaboration with Polette. The label's concept lies on a simple yet groundbreaking idea: being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer. This means that the frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops to your doorstep, therefore avoiding stock and intermediates to high margins. With such a business model, L'usine à lunettes by Polette offers highly-competitive prices without compromising quality. Polette offers a huge variety of designs, to allow anyone to afford style and quality. On their website you'll see that it is a journey through the highlights of the Eyewear, with retro and vintage designs, from classic to eccentric. 
About three weeks ago, Florijn from Polette kindly presented me with a Press Account on their website, from which I was able to order a pair of sunglasses and up to two accessories of my choice. Florijn advised me to compare the width of my favourite glasses with the width provided in each product image gallery on the site. I found that extremely helpful in the process of picking the right frames for me, and I feel that online eyewear businesses should really take note of this feature as it improves clients' willingness to purchase eyewear online - I know too many who hesitate on ordering sunglasses online because they are unsure of how it'll fit on them. Once I know that the size is right, the style then is my only concern. It didn't take long for my Press Account to be activated after signing up, but it did take me a while to decide on which pair of sunnies to order - with more than 900 FAB design frames, how can you expect me not to put everything in my cart?! But in the end, my heart settled with Jimini (Fashion Lenses). Click on that link and you'll see what I mean when I say the measurements are very well illustrated, you can thank me later. Another thing that I love about Polette and for which you'll thank me for, again, is that they let you choose lense type: Fashion Lenses, Single Vision Lenses and Progressive Lenses. All of these lenses are anti-reflective and anti-scratching. Some have very important RX for strong corrections. When choosing lenses it's important to note that you only need Progressive Lenses if you require glasses for both nearby and far away. This is indicated with ADD on your prescription. Not only are the frames fashionable, the lenses are hella functional too. Thumbs up, Polette. 
I swear by this Black Jimini to turn my Boss Bitch mode on everytime I wear it, which is practically (nearly) every damn day. I love love love it so much, and that golden bridge - so hot and utterly elegant! 
As for the accessories, I picked the Tempo Grey and Flamingo Paradise cotton wipe. The grey case is made out of biological cotton that is sure to protect my specs with very much subtlety. I was surprised to find two cotton wipes in my parcel as I only ordered one, so I guess it's safe to assume that the white Polette printed wipe accompanies every eyewear order. They are both made of 100% biological cotton, both super cute too! 

My overall experience with Polette was very pleasant and indeed informative, and obviously stylish. Florijn has been very generous to me, from the complimentary order to offering tips for adjusting the frame. It took around two weeks for my parcel to arrive, and when it did I made sure to give her notice that it hasn't been the best of sunny days in Dublin (ay what's new..) therefore my blog post feature may come a little later than I intend it to (girl, look what date it is now!) But she understood, she took the pressure off me and suggested that postponing is better than carrying through, if the whether doesn't permit. (I'm sure you'll be reading this Florijn, I want to just say Thank You again.) If all else works out, I may even discuss further partnership with Polette and possibly hold a giveaway or provide discount codes for my dear readers. How would you dolls like that? 
Phew, a change of location yassss. 
I recently purchased this Burnout Reptile Duster Jacket from Topshop in UK 6, as I was told they were never sold in UK 4. According to Topshop site, it is now only available in UK 4. Cheers man :) But sure I don't think it fits me bad, I love how it falls mid-calves and the sleeves (although folded in the pictures,) aren't too long for me either. I suppose I'm only really UK 4 when it comes to body-fitting type of clothing. 
I didn't want the duster jacket to swallow me up as it is so I made sure to give balance to the 'fit and exposed a bit of leg skin. Besides it is June, I shouldn't have to wear black skinny jeans with a duster jacket.. 'mon now Ireland. I'm wearing Velvet Culottes from Topshop, which is now sold out. They do however have Faux Leather CulottesLeather-Look Culottes and Pleated Culottes available en ce moment. This particular pair of culottes have become my go-to bottomwear as of lately - it's trendy and the fact that it's soft velvet means I'm provided with ultimate comfort too. They're very similar to this pair by ASOS. 
Okay okay, is it time to spaz over how these Block Heel Sandals from ZARA just proclaim "THIS PAIR OF SANDALS WAS DESIGNED AND MADE FOR DEEZUS"?! 
Thought I'd include that image which was taken just a few moments before I wore it out for the first time - incase I'll ever need a reminder of how lush they were before I wear them the heck out. 
I have not had a lot of use out of this cherry-coloured clutch/shoulder bag I got gifted by my good friend Ydrian - yet. So far I've brought it out to dinner (enough to fit my camera, make-up and cash) and out to the night club (enough to also fit my tiny change of slippers after a tiring night of being Deeyoncé on the dance floor), and I can tell this won't be the last time you see it featured on my blog. Thanks Y'! 
I kept to mute accessories - Swatch Ladies' Strawberry Jam Watch and Velvet Choker from Choke Me Jewelry - my Jemini frames screams loud enough for itself.
Oops, I guess I am a little evil. 

I am aware of how lengthy and info-packed this post is.. I hope you liked this read anyway as much as I loved working on it. Do let me know if you'd like a Polette giveaway or even a discount code - I'll sort ya out! 

'Till next post and thank you for making it this far down, 

- D