My Book Wishlist


Overlooking the fact that I'm a "blogger", you should know that I am not a massive book nerd or even an avid reader (of books, that is). I've read probably no more than twenty five books in my time from front to back cover, most of which I have had to read to cover my English curriculum in school and  then about less than a handful novels I've read for my own pleasure - the latest being Paper Towns by John Green (only because the film is near premiering, who else is buzzing to see it raise ya hand?!) I know there is no valid excuse I could give myself for not reading (often) enough, but with college readings and blogging and work and everything else - who really has time to sit and finish a book? Not me! *comforts self with the fact that I am not majoring in English* With those being bluntly admitted, less than half a year from now it will be Christmas. And before that, my birthday. There may also be anniversaries, national holidays and many more events in between. Just a few lines from now you will be known of my book wishlist. Eventually you will find yourself scratching your head because some sort of occasion/celebration will arise and you are required to gift me with something(s) to show your appreciation of my blessed existence. You best read on, I'm here to save you all the trouble.
Blog post inspo, whether you're purposely looking for it or not, is everywhere - and in this particular time I found it in Urban Outfitters. As I had time to kill in-between my henna appointments the other day, (shameless plug: slide into my DMs if you want to book an appt. with me!) I let my feet be led by my empty pockets into UO Temple Bar. I usually pop in there, although I rarely ever buy anything bc I CAN'T BLOODY AFFORD ANYTHING. But anyway I spent a good couple of minutes wandering around a table bundled with a mass of books in the corner of the first floor - which resulted to this post being written right now. Note that I haven't yet read any of these books (with the exception of skimming through some of them), and therefore cannot vouch for their content. This is not in any way meant to be a book review post anyway; for you, I have put together a list of fourteen books I am currently interested in - all available for purchase instantly when you click on the book titles which will redirect you straight to Amazon website, although I'm almost certain they may be available at your nearest UO branch too. (Also note that I am not being sponsored/paid by UO to write this post, I gave you a little back story of how this post came about, and I bloody wish UO sponsored me with these books for real bc that would actually complete me right about now..) HOWEVER all the Amazon links below are **affiliate links!

1. Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie
I may not be hipster enough to have Wreck This Journal included in this wishlist, but I do fancy something sort of alike. This book is one of those fill-it-out-yourself books, only you're advised to do it with someone special. Flipping through the pages I thought it'd be really cute to do with your best gal pal, it doesn't even have to be with a boyfriend (cheers, Currie) and when you're done, let it serve to be a fun time capsule you can both look back on!

Take some tips from the advertising guru himself, and learn how to turn the impossible into the possible. Packed full of facts, pictures and wisdom, this book is an absolute must if you, like myself, are determined to fight your way to the very top. 

This is a workbook that will "help you create or refine your business idea and take it from concept to market." It is about disruption, and doing things differently. It is about having ideas that will change the world. "That will at least change your world." And damn I want to give this book a chance to change my world!

4. How To Be Parisian by Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan & Sophie Mas
Learn the ways of the Parisian Bohemian lass in this field guide book. With authentic French guidance, you'll learn how to handle first dates, parties, hangovers and sensual times.. Although I'm not much of a Francophile, I have been seeing this book floating all over Instagram feeds and I won't deny I can aesthetically visualize it on mine too.. 

5. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham
I was meant to actually hunt a pdf file for this book long before I saw it in the shop, but before I get shot by the blogger police let me just settle the case by reminding you that I made this list for the books I want to obtain physically, not illegally.. With Dunham's unique powers of observation, wisdom and humour, this candid read tells the tale of what it is to be a young woman, and what she has "learned" having been one. 

6. DIY Fashion Shoot by Emily Stein & Celia Willis
This DIY fashion shoot book is crammed with innovative shoot ideas for you (me, really..) to give a go, with everything ranging from a quick 20-minute styling competition to a half-day shooting challenge. Give me this book, money to buy clothes and a whopper photographer, I'm sorted!

7. 100 Ideas That Changed The Web by Jim Boulton
Straying away from anything fashion-related, this book interested me because if you didn't already know, Information and Social Computing is one of my Joint Majors. Having taken modules such as Digital Judgement and Information Design in first year, I probably already know the hundred ideas that changed the web but you know.. I'll need a physical reminder, and I'm not talking about the lecture slide print outs. 

8. Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
This straight-talking companion is your wise and truthful beauty handbook on what you really should - and certainly should not - be doing. As quoted from Bobbi Brown: "Sally decodes beauty for any woman with smart, simple, and practical advice." Uh, I think we could all use a bit of Sali's beauty wisdom, right dolls? 

9. It by Alexa Chung
I know, I know, I'm a bit late on the It hype but swear down my admiration for Alexa has been blossoming long time, and I'm gutted I couldn't make it to her meet and greet at Brown Thomas last November.. Icon, muse, model or presenter - call her whatev, Alexa Chung is one of fashion's elite. It offers an insight into her world with childhood memories, influences and inspirations. The book includes personal photographs, illustrations and - more importantly for gals like myself - style tips! The book also brims with tips on getting dressed in the morning, make-up and hair how-to's through to dating and heartbreak. This, is how you get the masses to get to know you: you write a book about it. Not through your 140 characters-limited tweets. 

10. The Dress by Megan Hess
This book is a collection of the 100 greatest moments in fashion history, with emphasis on the dresses, all beautifully illustrated by Megan Hess. If I wanted the perfect coffee table read, this would be it.

11. Why Fashion Matters by Frances Corner
As one of life's greatest form of self-expression, Head of London College of Fashion Frances Corner has put together this book comprising the intricacies and contradictions of the encapsulating world of fashion. I want this book, I want to know why

12. Alexander McQueen edited by Claire Wilcox
It's McQueen, ofcourse this book is gonna be a bit pricey! I've actually already had the chance (and pleasure) to flick through this glorious masterpiece at a boutique I used to work in, and not that I needed a reminder, but my God is McQueen a legend. This book contains images and commentaries on McQueen's visionary work, and trust me there is no regret in delving into the mind of one of Britain's most provocative designers! Ugh, love love love. 

13. Style Stalking by Piera Gelardi  and Christene Barberich 
Refinery29 presents this guide to ultimate street style, featuring fashion editors, bloggers, and icons, all rocking their most eye-catching looks. (Excuse me, when do I get to be published on a book please?! Allow..) But seriously what better way to get tips and tricks of the street style trade  than from the people who seriously know what they are doing, right? 

14. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
I'd be lying if I said this book came to the bottom of my list at random. This book tracks Sophia Amoruso - CEO of Nasty Gal - and her journey from humble eBay beginnings into the multi-million clothing label we know today, packed with behind-the-scenes and eye opening stories. Even without being the CEO of a multi-million label, I do consider myself a #Girlboss too. In fact considering yourself as a #Girlboss is the only way you actually get to become the CEO of a multi-million label, and my biggest aspiration is to live by that. You can understand why it's only appropriate my hands are itching for this book the most! 

I hope my fourteen brief descriptions have inspired yee dolls to pick up some (or all!) of these books for yourselves too, as even if nobody hands them to me gift-wrapped with a bow, I know that I will work to get them for myself anyway (#Girlboss attitude in action right there.) ORRRR you can help me out by **clicking on the links and purchasing from there. It won't cost you more but I will receive a tiny commission for recommending them to you. If you do so, I thank you! 

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Until next post,