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Seeing as I've started doing make-up videos on Youtube, I figured I needed to restock on a few make-up products that are desperately clinging on to life (such as my face powder that's 3% powder dust and 97% pan, and my eyebrow pencil the length of a todd's pinky finger..) So I hit the nearest Boots Pharmacy yesterday and decided to write a blog post about it just incase you wanted to have a nose snoop up a few of these things yourselves! 
My Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation has finally run out, and I intended to replace it with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation but they didn't have my shade, so I ended up with something I've never tried before - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 48 Sun Beige. The colour, when I tested, seemed to match my neck; I just hope it provides me that "poreless perfection finish" it claims to give! Collection Pressed Powder is a repurchase - but in 10 Daydream. I like to yolo my way through picking face powder shades and just hope for the best ya know. Another repurchase is the ultimate love of my life: Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in light (because I use it as highlight concealer). I've mentioned in my previos beauty empties post that I'm always kind of hesitant in buying this because I go through it too quickly (€11.99 for only 6 ml!!) and I'm a cheap c*nt. Anyways I got that and the foundation under the buy 1 get 2nd half price offer on Maybelline products, so it's not too bad! 
Colder months are approaching which means college is right around the corner which means I wouldn't have the time to bronzer-sculpt (every day). So, I ventured into buying MAC Powder Blush in Stark Naked to give me soft fresh flush with little flecks of gold shimmer within minimal effort of brush stroking! Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 02 Birdy Song is another repurchase. If you've seen my GRWM video you might have noticed that I use three (two, when I'm not bothered..) pencils to get my brows on fleek. Be aware that this is a kohl pencil and not specifically an eyebrow pencil, so unless you have really light and steady hands I don't recommend this is the pencil for you! 
Repurchase number 4 goes to my holy nudey grail Wet n Wild · Bare It All, accompanied by an impulse buy Sand Storm (the "new" sticker on it got to me okay, I had to.) €2.99 for quality matte lipsticks, you really can't have too many.. 
I've had my eyes set on this Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (Ultra Matte 1) since the start of summer but never had the committment to spend on a non-everyday wear palette, but since this Youtube thang commenced I've acquried this mentality that "ah sure I'll be able to put it to use somehow, someday.. popping colours on your eyelids isn't only legal during the summer time.. right? right.. yep." I've tried two colours out of it and so far I'm really happy with its pigmentation, it's easy to blend too! 

That is it for today's post dolls, I know it's short but it's not me being lazy, if anything it's actually me trying to produce content as consistent as I can; regardless of the post length I hope you still take inspo from my little Deetales! Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a smooth week so far,


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