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Following Goss.ie's success on their first and recently announced brand new monthly event Goss Meets LIVE!, I bring you an insider-tale of the fabulous evening I had on August 19th. Had it not been for my lovely blogger and dear friend Rosee, I would probably have discovered this event a little too late. (hey R' if you're reading, sorry but I won't be including our pictures in this post because you make me look unbelievably short...) 

I have to admit I'm not big on the Irish entertainment scene, so I knew little about the featured guests; all I know for certain is that with all the hype surrounding them, they're obviously established somebodies. Lisa Fitzgerald frequently appears on my TV as apart from KUWTK, I only really watch Xposé. Marissa Carter I know of as I've collaborated with her amazing brand Cocoa Brown Tan early in the summer to sample and review (I know, it's well overdue but I'll have it done I promise..) Rosanna Davison on the other hand, I had no clue who she was until the event; although when I first caught sight of her my initial reaction was OK DAMN SHE'S GOT TO BE A BEAUTY QUEEN OR SOMETHING and what do ya know, I was staring right at Miss World 2003! 

Upon entering Buck's Townhouse we were served Prosecco (which I really appreciated as the trek from College Green to Leeson Street - in heels - was totally dehydrating). To the left of the bar was a little platform with the GOSS tarpaulin stand and a Häagen-Dazs pyramid where we got our professional pictures taken, but lawd knows where I would even find those photos so of course I had to take one with my own camera! 

Right after, Rosee and I were directed to the main room and thankfully we got there early enough to be able to seat ourselves second row! On each table was a platter of nommies and Häagen-Dazs tubs (yay for them sponsoring the event!) which again I'm thankful for because earlier on that day too much has been happening for me to fill up, I'll tell you more about that later so keep reading... 

The night was of course hosted by the lovely Ali Ryan, and first on the hot seat was Lisa Fitzpatrick: Ireland's most loved Fashion Stylist, Author, TV Presenter and Radio Broadcaster. She is one of the leading figures in Ireland's female fashion industry and has developed a well-earned reputation for helping to set the fashion agenda. In her interview she discussed her close ties with Louis Walsh "when I was 17 I started judging Miss Ireland, that's how I met Louis," and how she got her first X Factor gig because of him "Louis is the kind of guy who brings everybody on his journey.. if he's going, the whole of Ireland is going with him." She also talked about her experiences in working and dealing with diva clients and have left us with a quote that the hataz might want to learn a thing from – "If you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. If somebody had anything negative to say about me, I'd really question the space they're in.. You can't be going through a good space in your life if you're saying something negative about a person you don't know, who you think you might know.. It just isn't good." Yasss. 

After a 15-minute break, second on the spotlight was Marissa Carter — the genius behind the revolutionary tanning brand Cocoa Brown, founded after years spent studying and working in the beauty industry. We've all witnessed her brand become a worldwide must-have, with it being recently endorsed by Kylie Jenner and Jessica Lowndes! She has certainly become a house hold name across the beauty sector for her easy to apply flawless tanning products, and quite recently, her invention of the genius tan-touring
Marissa stood out for me amongst the three because I relate my self and my wild ambitions with her experience and journey to success — "The contacts you make in business are so important.. almost everything amazing that has happened in my career has happened through someone else." I also abide to her attitude when it comes to being unstoppable even when people try to knock you down. It's no wonder why this woman has come so far, she knows how to deal with irrelevant people and matters. Bravo. 

Since winning the Miss World beauty competition in 2003 (at the age of 19!) she has worked internationally as a model and brand ambassador for numerous Irish and global companies, from Volkswagen Germany to Playboy America. With her debut book "Eat Yourself Beautiful" just recently released, nutritionist, top model and author Rosanna Davison is becoming Ireland's leading lady in health and lifestyle. On the hot seat Rosanna shared with us her amazing (as well as the not-so-good) experience during the Miss World competition. It is truly inspiring to see someone so used to the spotlight use her status to promote nutrition and well-being to all her followers, especially as she has seen first hand how the media and the competitive industry can pressurise women into obsessing about obtaining the rather falsely desired body image. 

Unfortunately I had to leave before the event ended to commute home, but you damn know I made sure I was able to grab a goodie bag! 

If you'd like, snippets of the interviews had with the ladies can be watched on my recent upload here as well as a quick peek into the fabulous evening I shared with newfound blogger gals at the So...? Couture Fragrance Launch; more about that on my next post, I may or may not be announcing my very first giveaway in it too so make sure to watch this space!

Going back to my shortstopped mention of what had occurred earlier on this day, I am pleased to share with you that I have been featured on Independent.ie for my henna artistry! Of course if you follow my social media you have probably seen this announcement already or even read the article, but if you haven't, you can click here! I was delighted to have sparked interest among one of the newspaper's journalists, especially as it is mainly concerned with something I really love doing! With all these current features and event appearances supporting In The Deetales's hard work, I'm no less than gratified and indeed motivated to continue and progress as my empire arises. Thank you for following, thank you for reading, thank you for your time. 

Lots of love, 

- D

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