MUCH HYPE. CAN'T COPE. You don't need much introduction. Balmain x H&M Collaboration launched in Dublin last Wednesday 4th November, exclusively at H&M's Flagship College Green store. With almost 800 guests present and the rails being almost emptied after just a short while, this launch has easily exceeded all collaborations (so much so that the site was down for most of Thursday, and that the queue outside the store was insane, not just in Dublin but in other cities of the world too, have you seen video clips?!) 

The following thumbnails showcase the complete collection, and my God do I wish I caught even the slightest sight of every piece in the store, 'cause I didn't! Still, the line was definitely worth the hype once I found myself frozen in awe of the beaded velvet jacket made famous by Kendall Jenner, first worn back in May at the Billboard Music Awards 2015 where the collaboration was first announced. 

Humbly speaking, it was only safe for me to admit to myself that there was no way in hell I would be able to afford any of the pieces. Surprisingly, there were a few little bits, but I still did not cave in. I find it absurd to splurge on something you barely even like,  just because it's within your budget, even regarding its brand. That's not to say I wouldn't have willingly pushed some serious boundaries to be able to come home with something, but I swear there were hardly anything I could get my hands on just an hour after the doors had opened, never mind anything in the smallest size.. Women can be such downright vultures sometimes. Nevertheless, I had a browse through the site and wanted to show you my personal top picks from the Balmain x H&M Collection: from the chicest tee to absolute divine pieces that I have (multiple times..) mentally pictured my ambitious self slaying in. 

Black T-Shirt x Velvet Logo Print | €29.99

Beaded Velvet Dress | €499

Beaded Velvet Blouse | €349

Velvet Tuxedo | €159

Leather Jacket | €249

Sequin-embroidered Dress | €159

Velvet Dress in a silk blend | €149

Sparkly Earrings | €29.99

Polo-neck Jumper | €49.99

White T-shirt x Velvet Logo Print | €29.99

Beaded Leather Clutch | €149

Beaded Velvet Jacket | €399

Sigh. In a perfectly ideal (and completely delusional) world, I would possess all of these. In comparison to the previous H&M collaboration with Alexander Wang, I'm definitely more enchanted  and allured with this year's one - and with all the buzz surrounding the launch of this collection, I'm clearly not the only one. The colour scheme, the luxurious cut and details, and Rousteing's vision.. it's  all so Dee. 

"When you wear Balmain, you feel powerful, like a warrior of the world."

While that quote is proven to be true by the fashion lords, I tried not to feel any less powerful and any less of a warrior that evening in my non-Balmain outfit.. 

Earrings | Forever 21 
Beaded Rope Belt | Penneys
Block Heel Sandals | Missguided

Champagne et pâtisseries savoureuses served by gorge models, a DJ set by the lovely Angela Scanlon, familiar fab faces, and accompanied by my most fashionable and dear friend Kanye West @lordthshitt all under the one beautiful building: this Pre-launch Party did not, and just could not disappoint. Thank you so much IMAGE for the invitation!

Ain't no pre-launch party without goodie bags! Balmain x H&M wristband, eau de parfum and rib-knit beanie - I'll take that! 

To my knowledge, the collection is not available to shop on the H&M website (at least in Ireland it's not), however there are LOADS being sold elsewhere such as eBay! For obvious reasons though I would rather you hit College Green asap if you haven't already, or whichever H&M flagship store in your residency! 

I'm not so late with this event post huh, round of applause please! 
(JK, I'm procrastinating college work so hard right now.) 

Don't forget to follow all my social media, and tweet me if you managed to get your hands on any #HMxBalmain piece! Also I've recently set up a public Snapchat account, you may hit search on inthedeetales if you'd like, and I'll try my best not to bore you with "I'm so late for college fml" and "look I'm actually doing my essay" stories.. 

Dee x

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  1. You looked absolutely stunning- makeup was beauuuutiful !