On August 17, 2015, I got the pleasure to work with an amazing team for the production of Nawawear Lookbook. Nawawear is a clothing brand released to the public just a month after our shoot, designed and hand-made by Kine Samanthie: a 23 year-old mum and fashion enthusiast originally from Sri Lanka, but residing in Norway.

The concept behind Nawa Wear's first collection, New Beginning, aims to showcase the beauty and simplicity in difference. And indeed, I've witnessed Kine and her team do just that. Our photoshoot done in Phoenix Park, Dublin, to another one that followed in Oslo, Norway, features models from many different countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

This collection displays a minimalistic vibe, which is exactly my vibe. Before the shoot I hadn't seen any of the designs, but trust Christian not to do wrong in recommending me to model for this brand! (Thank you, @Chriichan!) Around this time Yeezy Season 2 had only just been released too, and I was so delighted that Kine's first collection somehow got me as close as I could get to YZY's apparel (because let's face it, I can't won't be splurging +€200 on a tee any time soon!) 

Although I was only granted to spend that day with Kine as she had to fly back to Norway, I was able to read her well off the bat.. She is an over-all beam of passion and hard-work, evident through her work and ambitious but humble vision. She claims to be surrounded with strong characters that influence her growth, but I've known of her to be a strong character herself. (It was a pleasure to have worked with and for you, Kine. More power to you.)

"..for me, Nawa Wear is far more than just a clothing line. It is my base in order to be a blessing to those around me."

This collection has already graced the catwalk at Jarga Fashion Week, and I really hope this isn't the last we'll see of Nawa Wear. You can shop a selected few of this collection here

I'm grateful for this shoot having connected me to some seriously beautiful and talented people, just have a look at this promo video they shot for Nawawear! 

All photographs I used and taken for the Lookbook, as well as the promo vid, are shot by the incredible Mark David Acoba

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