"There's no excuse for dressing like a basic b*tch," Yes. Yes there is. If you're constantly occupied with not so basic things, I say you get a little pass in making minimal effort in how you dress. 



My pretty little things, rejoice: Glamour returns for the new party season with amped up evening looks on PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM. Think rich tones with hints of pastel hues, luxe textures and royalty heels to create your effortless "I woke up like this" looks! 



I can't remember what it's like to be in full-time third level education and not looking for a job or actually working a job on the side. Even if you're someone who don't live that #treatyoself lifestyle, the bare fact that you are in school or college demands a bit of extra income besides considering that of your parents', for helping out on your daily expenses. 



She's here. And she's beautiful. 

Finding your worth in a state of vulnerability


Throughout my relationships with other people and with myself, I can say I've made my fair share of mistakes, most of which had only occured within the past three years. And while everything I've done, I wanted to do at the time I had done them, these decisions that turned out to be mistakes came with irreversible repercussions - a lot of which I still deal with to present day. While I choose to look at these realised mistakes as lessons and a contributing factor to the person I am today, it is with no denying that our mistakes in life - big and small - can often take us to the pits of despair and force us down on our knees; but if there's one thing I have learned from picking myself up from rock bottom each time, it is this: More often than not, our mistakes are the very making of us. If, we allow them to be. 

Yet her heart is made of gold


As I type this post with black nail polished fingers and a head to toe black loungewear ensemble, I know there are more than a few of you reading this who can relate to my chosen lifestyle: black clothing. Wearing all black is more than just a sartorial choice. There's a very specific kind of person to whom an entirely black wardrobe appeals, and they tend to be ambitious, bold, self-empowering and unapologetic about it all. 

OOTDeetales: Styling Sports Bra & Satin Bomber Jacket


Hello Deetalers! For my latest OOTDeetales series, I've teamed up with Pretty Little Thing to bring you some of my favourite pieces from their new Summer on Lock campaign. I'm particularly excited with this project because I was lucky enough to style six new all black pieces into five separate looks, and what better way to start this summer lookbook series than with the outfit that features something that has Pretty Little Thing literally stitched onto it?



Two nights and a day in the 'dam | March 31 - Apr 2 '16



A year of blogging and I don't think I've ever done a month's favourites - am I even a blogger at all? Well, today I certainly am with this post! I've picked out a couple of bits and pieces I've been loving this month to share with you, I hope you like it! 



Yes, for real. Penneys. €1.50

UPDATE: I'm a model now?!


Hello, it's Dee! With 16 inches added onto her short hair. How do we feel about it? Regardless, I wanted to write this post not only to update you gals and garçons on my unnecessary wear of hair extensions but about how the past week had been for me.

#OOTDeetales: Cold day at the Courtyard


Polo neck long sweater - Zara (sold out online, bought from the sales)
Ripped skinny jeans - Penneys (distressed by myself)
Chesterfield Coat - Penneys (similar here)
Textured cross-body pouch - Mango (bought in Siopaella)
*Tortoise shell block heel ankle boot - Pretty Little Thing
*Sunglasses - Giant Vintage



Part Deux of my Hair Transformation series need not much introduction. If you're new to following me on social media, and if I assume you've read Part I, let me now bring you the pleasure of introducing the many shades of my past-self. Old friends and followers, I hope you enjoy reviewing these quality throwback pics as much as I did ploughing through this post! It's a picture-heavy one, taking you back to the different colour changes I've gone through from the very first time my hair made contact with hair dye, up until the last look right before the big chop. I spent days digging these up from the depths of all my Facebook albums - oh but where art thou, Bebo? - and had a good battle with my 20 year-old self whether letting these photos resurface the Internet have a good shot at ruining my reputation or.. maybe not so much. We're here now, hold on to your cuppa.. 



They say that a woman who cuts off her hair is about to change her life, and I'd like to believe that that is what had happened to me. There is usually a direct correlation between what's happening on our heads and what's happening in our lives - my big chop signalled the ending of my past relationship and turning 18, which symbolised the point of my life where I have had to make decisions such as what I want to do and where I want to go for college. I was going through a lot of changes, and so I chose to embark my change of heart through the change of hair. For me, it meant shedding of old skin, and almost like pushing a reset button on my life.



There isn't quite a nicer way of putting it - if you think throwing a Valencia filter on your #selfie was cutting it,  I'm afraid you've been doing it wrong, my dear! In today's post I share to you my Instagram editing "routine", through the use of iPhone screenshots to guide you along the (what is rather a psycho fussy) process of how I edit my Instagram pictures. If you're curious or actually want to be inspired with how I do it, please keep scrolling!