Part Deux of my Hair Transformation series need not much introduction. If you're new to following me on social media, and if I assume you've read Part I, let me now bring you the pleasure of introducing the many shades of my past-self. Old friends and followers, I hope you enjoy reviewing these quality throwback pics as much as I did ploughing through this post! It's a picture-heavy one, taking you back to the different colour changes I've gone through from the very first time my hair made contact with hair dye, up until the last look right before the big chop. I spent days digging these up from the depths of all my Facebook albums - oh but where art thou, Bebo? - and had a good battle with my 20 year-old self whether letting these photos resurface the Internet have a good shot at ruining my reputation or.. maybe not so much. We're here now, hold on to your cuppa.. 

It all started when my mother left me in the tub in '97.. I guess then she already knew that that picture she was taking was going to be of use someday. If Facebook was a thing then I'd say she would've put this up straight away and tagged me, with the caption #sorrynotsorry. Classic Mam-on-social-media trolling, as we all know it. 

And then along came pre-puberty. It didn't take long for me to realise that it's a cruel world out there, so I went through that phase of hating the entire universe.. although I swore back then it wasn't just a phase. Like, I proper swore. So I guess I chose red the first time I dyed my hair, but before that Claire's Accessories sorted me out with pink and blue highlight clip-in extensions (no pictures because they didn't make it to the Facebook era, and I cannot retrieve my Bebo photos, aw.) The fringe, the layers, the back-comb, hair sprayed to bits - I was the ultimate scene queen at age 13. Plenty more where this came from, but we got a lot more phases to go through!

It took me about 2 years to go against the world a little less - the hair stayed, but I started to wear colours that weren't black and got rid of the wristbands and fishnet socks. In relation to the picture above, it should be noted that I made a massive transition from being a little punk to a little Nicki Minaj (WHO REMEMBERS WHERE THIS PICTURE IS FROM?! #SuperBass) I'm saying no more! 

Turning 15 got me completely out of that phase, and discovered other colour dyes apart from red, which I religiously used to keep re-dying until this pic was taken. That was the first time I used blonde hair dye over virgin black hair that had bits of washed out red dye, which resulted to strawberry blonde although ultimately I was a tanned-ginger-without-freckles for a good while (I apologise to any professional hairdresser who may be reading this, I know better now I swear!) While we're here you should know that none of the pictures in this entire post was a result of a professional's work, I did all the dyeing myself, incase you couldn't tell.. 

It didn't take long until I jumped into using bleach - with not much knowledge about the existence and importance of toners and hair treatment. This was when I thought I was on my way to being a mini Tila Tequila. Why didn't anyone stop me?! The over all re-bleaching and retouching of roots was maintained (very poorly) for a (very toxic) full year, until I got a little bored and... 

chocolate and (very brassy) vanilla. It seemed like a wild idea at the time but this would honestly have to be my fave hair colour experiment ever. If only I had done it properly, I would have kept it for much longer! I want to say I'd do this again only through a better and much gentle process, but with me supposedly being an adult I don't think I'm allowed to do it anymore.. I was 16 then, and just as the term "on fleek" did not exist, so did my eyebrows. I must've been using a 0.7 super fine tip eyebrow pencil at the time, bless my poor wee soul. 

A short while later I had to bring my fringe back, I never liked parting my hair any other way but I had to make an obvious exception for the half brown half (supposedly) blonde phase.

You know when you desperately want to eat all the cookies but you also want to save a bit for later because (you thought) it's too good? This was that phase. I wanted to even out my hair being split into two different colours but I couldn't quite get rid of the blonde completely.. 

In fact, I brought back more blonde. This was when ombre hair came to trend all over media. Of course I couldn't let it stay just blonde for too long, 

so I put blue dye over it. And kept the blonde fringe. I was the image of a Neapolitan ice cream, only with bubble gum substituting for the strawberry. 

After a couple of washes, the blue dye faded to a nice sea weed colour but I couldn't find any pictures to show it. I let it grow and wash out back to the warm blonde that it was. 

And then a sudden change of mood hit me, so I dyed it all back to black. All the colour changes that had occurred between the choco x vanilla and this jet black hair happened within just a year, so that might give you an idea of how exhausted my gruaig must have been! But I didn't seem to care much; I was all "whatever, it's only hair, it grows back,". Little did I know it would eventually have to lead to the chopping of all the damage I've been causing. And at this point I wasn't even done playing. 

I bleached the tips blonde again, which I'm certain only lasted a day. 

Put pink over it this time, sure why not! This was when the "Oh my god I thought you were leaving it black to grow out it looks so dry now stopppp!" comments came flooding in. I was aware, and I tried to condition it, but as I said in my previous post "I didn't believe that even the most expensive hair treatment could breathe life into hair so dead.. The only thing to do is get rid of it and start the f*ck over." But hold on, we're not quite done yet! 

For most of 2013 I kept my hands off box dyes. I finally let my roots grow while desperately conditioning it every chance I got, and this attempt of revival was majorly in favour to my big 18th celebration due in the last month of that year. I knew I was going to dye it again all over especially for that occasion, so I kept it healthy from that point on as much as I could! 

And so the last box dye my long hair had seen was Ash Blonde, but because I didn't lighten my hair beforehand or anything, of course it didn't come out as what it's supposed to. But I really liked it. My hair was the longest it's ever been, it had a lot of volume as my hair is naturally thick anyway, and it wasn't as dead as it used to be just a few months back. When my birthday party had come to an end, no sooner did my long hair era last. 

And that wraps up my Hair Transformation Pt. II! I realise I have not been very informative with my failure to mention the exact hair dyes and tools I used through my stages because I honestly didn't have a purpose of taking notes then, but I remember for sure they were all available from the local drugstore. My only purpose was to share with you a bit of my hair history, and with you seeing the results I've gotten, I am hopeful that I've been of some help to you in skipping or eliminating chances of poor and reckless decisions when it comes to doing your hair all by yourself without sustaining it with the right care and treatment. It's been a pretty long journey to get to where we are now, and even though I took my hair for granted with all the dyeing and bleaching, the important thing is that I don't regret anything. Not even the dodgy and crazy stages in between/all throughout; the whole experience for me was totally valuable to the knowledge I have of hair dyeing now, even though most of that consists of don'ts more than do's. 

The next one (it'll be the last one until the next big dramatic change comes about, lol) shall take us from the big chop to where my hair is at as I conclude this post..

'til then,

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