#OOTDeetales: Cold day at the Courtyard


Polo neck long sweater - Zara (sold out online, bought from the sales)
Ripped skinny jeans - Penneys (distressed by myself)
Chesterfield Coat - Penneys (similar here)
Textured cross-body pouch - Mango (bought in Siopaella)
*Tortoise shell block heel ankle boot - Pretty Little Thing
*Sunglasses - Giant Vintage

(Asterisks indicate items that are gifted to me, but how I style them and my thoughts on them are not in any way directed by the brands.)

For my first outfit post of 2016, I took to a cold stroll these gorge ankle booties from Pretty Little Thing around the Dublin Castle and about, with my paparazzi pal Martin ('cause we're Queens and stuff, where else would you find us tbh?)

This slick frame from Giant Vintage is only one of the five sunglasses they sent me last summer, and has been my go-to since then. Because it's black with gold accents, it goes pretty much with everything I wear all throughout the year. 
Although incapable of holding much, this little Mango pouch I spotted at Siopaella is a wee gem because of the leather x faux fur combination which I love. If I were to be honest, Siopaella has the best discounted treasures around, you should totally check their site or their boutiques located in the heart of Temple Bar. They got me eyeing designer handbags I can't afford, but I got so much love for them for always showing me love on Instagram!

It's been crazy baltic out in Dublin the past week, sure it's even started to snow in some parts but thankfully the day I shot these the sun was out.. but still crazy baltic. When I'm off work and can layer up however way I fancy, I tend to pick out a long-sleeve sweater or jumper (that's a few size bigger to keep my thighs warm and to make room for allllll the ugly layers I wear underneath. Pro tip right there.) I'm not a fan of wearing scarves so much, but my Zara long sweater is high-neck, and I have two more resting layers beneath it. Starbucks coffee optional (we had it anyway right after this shoot, #basic

This forest green coat has been embracing me so warmly since Winter '14 - I love its colour, form and length, and particularly the detachable faux fur collar that I do without for the not-so-dramatic days like going to college. 

If you follow me on social media, on Snapchat especially (inthedeetales, wink wink) you might have noticed Pretty Little Thing have been very kind in surprising and spoiling me with presents lately. I wanted to shoot this 'fit in spotlight of these ankle boots - and as I say with every pair of boot that comes my way - my fave pair of boots EVER! I have worn them to work a couple of times already, and shall I mention that I work in retail, you'll get an idea of how comfortable they are. They are similar to Topshop's MASTER Tortoise Shell Heel BootsMARBLES Patent Elastic Boot, and if feeling a little fancy, Maison Margiela's Tortoise Shell Ankle Boots. I have another pair of stunning boots from PLT I hope to take out soon, so keep a look out for that! 

All images are taken by the great Martin O'Neill, make sure to check out his work on his site and drop him a follow on Instagram @martinoneillphotography, tell'im Queen Dee sent ya ;) 

What are your fave layering strats? Get in touch with me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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