UPDATE: I'm a model now?!


Hello, it's Dee! With 16 inches added onto her short hair. How do we feel about it? Regardless, I wanted to write this post not only to update you gals and garçons on my unnecessary wear of hair extensions but about how the past week had been for me.

To start off, Semester 2 has commenced last Monday, the 25th of January, and I've somehow not had the chance to sit and blog (or do anything non-stressful for that matter,) since. To make up for this though, I have been in talks with brands for more collaborations to share with you products that I love and that you'll love too, as well as involving myself in activities that would provide me with (hopefully) consistent blog content within the next couple of weeks. The main activity that I'm talking about here is... *DRUMROLL  AND FLASHING LIGHTS PLEASE*

Is the title of this post still misleading? It may be if you thought I got signed into an agency, and obviously I need to address to you that I stand just about 5 feet tall.. but I am most thrilled to tell you that I have been chosen to model in one of UCD's biggest event of the year (okay, the biggest, shhh..) UCD FASHION SHOW 2016! Those who have been there for me through the crucial process of auditions and anxiously waiting for callbacks would know that I've wanted to do this show since First Year, but unfortunately I had not enough luck then. I went and did the open auditions just last Tuesday with no hesitation anyway because this time 'round I wanted to be in it so much more than I did last year. Evidently, this eagerness was read by the judges who put me through to strut my stuff in the second round auditions on Thursday of that same week. Less than 24 hours between that audition and the moment I received my email of acknowledgement, but it had been an anxious wait. 

This Spring UCD Fashion Show returns to Astra Hall on the 25th and 26th of February in aid of the Down Syndrome Centre! Show your support to our little friends in the DSC Sandyford by keeping up to date with mine and UCD Fashion Show's social media with regards to ticket sales - they're not out yet but will be soon so keep those two dates marked on your calendars! It's set to be bigger and better than the previous years because Deeyoncé's in it and for a good cause, you definitely can't miss it! 

I want to mention that we are holding the Fashion Show Official Launch next Tuesday, February 9th at 12 PM outside O'Reilly Hall at UCD of course, come through if you're about! I will keep you posted on all things #UCDFashionShow so make sure you are following me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat @inthedeetales! Annnnd the rest of the beautiful bunch that makes up this year's fashion show over at our Facebook pageTwitterInstagram and Snapchat @UCDfashionshow! (If you don't get following/adding/liking WHAT R U DOING why would you not want to have #stunhuns all over your feed?!) 

My schedule for the rest of the month is looking pretty damn eventful amidst balancing lectures, work, rehearsals etc., you may find me moaning often on Twitter (who doesn't though) but I am very grateful for all the great things coming my way - passed all my Semester 1 modules and all, YAY ME! I am buzzing with excitement for this show and every preparation and banter to be had in between, I hope you join me and the crew on our university model life journey! 

Until next update, 

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