Yes, for real. Penneys. €1.50

I cannot quite count with my two hands anymore how many girls come to me asking "Omigod where'd you get your nails done they're fab?!!" And when I tell them "TANKS HUN PENNEYS xo" they're like "???!!!" Same, hun. Penneys didn't always have almond-shaped nails, but now they have a good selection I have to say (nudes and white, what more do you really need..) 

The picture above was nude painted over using grey nail polish also from Penneys' PS range. Who needs a UV lamp, seriously? Not I. Each packet of 24-set nails comes with a little tube of nail glue and trust me when I say it's strong enough to keep the nails in tact for as long as 3 weeks! Even then only like one nail would fall off but at that stage you'd already see the growth of your actual nails peeking through so I just tend to snap all of them off then.. Still, I am very impressed with how long they keep on! The way you glue them on (how much of it you put on the back of the nail) probably plays a part in that, but still! 

I believe these matte white ones are the latest colour option they have in, and it's great because it's a fresh blank canvas ready for some serious nail art! Although I plan to paint mine just plain black (@Primark please make matte black almond nails, fank you!) 

Sometimes I opt for a more natural squared oval nails, but I find that the process of putting them on takes longer as a lot of filing needs to be done, unlike the almond nails which requires very little polishing. I find them wider and just generally rough in the edges than the almond nails, but after all the fuss, because you can cut them as short as you like, they are much more manageable. 

*I'm wearing the Alexa Emerald Cut Ring gifted to me by Novo Jewellery above - how pretty is it?! You can get 10% off any jewellery from their site using my promo code ITD10. Just in time for mother's day ;)

I hope this answers your queries gals, very rarely would you see me get acrylics/gel nails done anymore since discovering these Penneys ones! (Not to put the nail bars out of business but...


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