A year of blogging and I don't think I've ever done a month's favourites - am I even a blogger at all? Well, today I certainly am with this post! I've picked out a couple of bits and pieces I've been loving this month to share with you, I hope you like it! 

My fave purchase of the month has to be this faux leather jacket from Zara. I have not stopped wearing it since! I'm pretty sure the style of it is meant to be cropped but of course I've got a pretty short torso so  it fits me like it's.. not cropped! This jacket is also available in baby pink, blue, and mustard, though this black is obviously made for me. You're going to be seeing a lot of this bad boy in the next couple of posts..

Another item I've been wearing so much this month is this velvet 'D' choker from Topshop - pretty self explanatory, this one. I think I'm going through a phase of wearing choker necklaces nearly everyday, and every time I wear a new one I'm like "omg this is my new fave choker!!!" Ugh. I love this one though, comes in handy when I go to parties with people I'm yet to introduce myself to 'cause you know, they ask for my name and all I gotta do is point to my choker (true story.) Topshop should have all the letters if you're wanting one for yourself, I got lucky with mine as it was the last D in Topshop St. Stephen's Green but sure you could always get it online! 

I was never one for a dewy finish but since trying out this *Bourjois City Radiance foundation, I may have found the right balance between dewy and matte that works for me! (Is there a proper beauty term for that..?) I don't like a dewy finish on myself because I find that my skin appears oily rather than healthy and radiant, and the shine also accentuates my T-zone (especially my nose, as if it needed any more). The City Radiance foundation contains SPF 30 and has an anti-pollution screen that reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin, which gives you a fresh and luminous complexion - as it does to me! It's an ideal every day foundation for the season we're in, and smells pretty sweet too. I wear it in 04 Beige and it's perfectly suiting to my skin tone! 

*Souffle de Velvet  is the latest from Bourjois' Rouge Edition, and it's delightful! I never really liked to wear lips not matte, but lately I've been trying to stray away from it to give my lips a break from chapping, and undoubtedly my lips are thanking me for it. This lip product has a soft balm-like formula that hydrates for up to 10 hours, leaving your pout comforted with a sheer, playful pop of colour. Ravi en rose is a cute everyday colour, and the texture is honestly just like smothering marshmallow and hot chocolate on your lips. Mmmm. 

I made it a mission to search for a drugstore highlighting palette that would g l o w me up because I was not about to splurge on an ABH Glow Kit no matter how much I dream of it.. and this was it: Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. It includes three luxurious velvet cream formulas and one powder, which I played as a risk because I've never worked with cream highlighters before (or even contour, for that matter, would you believe..) I find that using fingertips to apply the cream highlighters works best for me (smear a generous streak just above my contour line with my ring fingertip and blend around the edges with my middle fingertip!) Remember the days when we didn't gaf about highlighters.. now I'm googling "how to make highlighting pills" (I think that's naturally called good amount of sleep and proper diet, though.) 

The thing about body moisturiser in a nozzled bottle is it is g r e a t. How many times have you squeezed a squeezy lotion bottle only to end up with enough product on your palm to moisturise an elephant?! This *Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturiser has been a blessing in moisturising a gal like me who's always on the go. Containing pure oat extract, it leaves my skin soft instantly, without being sticky!

We all know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.. but you can judge *Thomas Sabo Charm Club Forever by its super c u t e packaging because it smells absolutely g o r g e! It's been my everyday scent since receiving it mid-month and I get a lot of compliments for it so it's only right it makes the cut to my May favourites. 

I sh*t you not I have not listened to any other album/song since the full release of this album. I'm like a white girl who literally can't even. There's not a lot of pop albums I actually love every single track of, but this one certainly hits it. I am 100% +Ariana Grande` 's bitch and I am obsessed with how she in this album is flawlessly unapologetic about female desire (everytime I go and try to caption Instagram selfies with her lyrics, it's humbly explicit I delete and use a meaningless emoji instead..) but U GO ARI please come to Dublin already I am r e a d y!

Getting hooked on a new series usually occurs right before or on revision week, am I right? I totally am. I've been meaning to watch That 70's Show, and I don't know how long it's been on Netflix but I'm only getting into it this month, and loving it! I always had an impression that it's one of those classic tv shows everyone has to have seen at least in one religious run, along with Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I'm not a fan of fiction/fantasy series - although I can't disregard brilliant production, such as GoT - I just prefer watching series I can relate to. I'm currently on Season 5 and woah I'm just realising I'm flying through it much quicker than I thought, possibly because I have it playing while I do my make-up everyday.. I regularly tweet and  snap about it, and if you appreciate Fez (on mute) please @ me because I feel like most are done discussing this show aaages ago! 

& that wraps up my faves for the month of May. What are you loving this month? 

Also.. I hope you've somehow noticed.. my blog has recently gone through a mini make-over! I kept the minimal look I've always had, just this time I've learned to add and organise pages (the categories sitting below my web banner) thanks to @ethrls! What do we think? Make sure you're following me on social media, I'd love to know!

As always, thanks for dropping by and I'll be back with a new post soon. I'll be away on holidays for a week but I'll still be putting in a lot of blog work with regards to photoshoots and vlogs ;) 

Products marked with * are sent to me but my thoughts on and impressions of them are in no way swayed, all are my own. 

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