Two nights and a day in the 'dam | March 31 - Apr 2 '16
I know, it's a major throwback at this stage but did I really go to Amsterdam if I didn't blog about it?! 
In my slight defense I have uploaded a vlog on this trip on my Youtube channel (watch here!) and I guess the footages in that could also compensate for the lack of pictures I managed to come home with to include in this post. Lame excuses aside, I thought doing a Deetaled travel diary on this trip would be worth it still not only to suss out what I got up to but also in hopes I can provide you with info that could come useful when it's your turn to go to Amsterdam - I know I spent the day before my flight reading blogs and watching Amsterdam vlogs, it got me extra excited! 

Firstly, this trip was spontaneous enough for the tickets to have been products of assessment deadlines procrastination, which meant that I did not have money kept to be spent spontaneously, but I made it happen anyway. Our tickets were €45 return, so it didn't seem like a bad idea for a weekend away. Myself, CiaraSean and Rosee flew at about 7:30 PM on the 31st with Ryanair. It should be mentioned that this was my first trip out of a country without any of my family, I felt like a real big girl! Packed my fluids in transparent bags myself and all! Smooth and short flight, we got to Schiphol at about 10 PM, then took the train from the airport to the Central Station. Our hostel, The Flying Pig Downtown Youth Hostel, was not at all far from there and is actually within walking distance of the Red Light District and everything else relevant to our itinerary tbh (it was basically located in like O'Connell Street, with regards to Dublin city centre). The hostel location was just right and the price was also reasonable - for two nights it cost us €60 per person. There wasn't much touristy things left we could do that late at night but to head out, so that's what we did. Before getting to our hostel we had planned to predrink some more (we boarded the plane from Dublin already tipsy af..) but upon arrival we had to quickly and quietly get  changed because the other "youths" we shared the room with were tucked in bed - some with a book in hand - in Amsterbloodydam.
We met up with 3 other pals from Dublin who happen to be touring around that week too, and so we hit that area of the town where nightclub goers frequent. 10 shots for a tenner and an aul Granda bopping about the club - Night 1 was pretty decent.. apart from McDonald's being closed after we've left the nightclub, that was a real bummer I wished I was out in Grafton St. instead at the time! Literally the only food place we could find that was open at like 3 AM was this little corner one that sold hot dogs..
Wrecked as we were we knew we had to get up early the following morning because it was our only full day in the city, so we had to make the most of it. And I mean, we did, quite successfully I think.  First stop was McDonald's to satisfy last night's drunken cravings, and then the Sex Museum. *WARNING: Before you scroll further, images containing sexual images awaits! Same warning goes for Amsterdam vlog viewing, if it's not too late.. 
After being cheeky with giant penises, we hopped the tram to go to Museumplein with not much interest to pay a visit to the Rijksmuseum nor the Van Gogh Museum, but of course to take pictures with the large Iamsterdam slogan (where I sat myself on yet another D, bitches love the *D).
While at Museumplein we walked past a stall that took bookings for tours, and we got a deal for the Canal Cruise: €18 and Icebar: €16. 
It felt very touristy cruising along the canal but at the same time it was exactly what had convinced me to want to go back to this city again. This tour had shown me the humble beauty and history within Amsterdam floating beyond the confines of foggy cafes and dirty windows. "How sweet would it be to return and find myself on a rented out little private boat, sipping on white wine beneath the stars with someone I love," I thought to myself. Then I remembered that cute part of TFIOS where Hazel and Gus swoon over each other on a romantic dinner at Oranjee, and I wanted just that, too.

But I'm 20 and Augustus Waters-less, so in my reality all that romanticism was instead fulfilled by friends I shared rolls of blunt with out in an open ground like proper (but legal) scums. As if you'd ever get stuck on finding a place to get rollies from in Amsterdam, I got (a very mild) one from 420 cafe for €4. I couldn't didn't finish it and ended up having to hand it to a stranger in my hostel on our last night, low key felt like a criminal.. 
After a few moments of smoking tutorials and I-keep-choking-anyway, we got hungry and I got my sauced ribs fix. That I could definitely finish no problem. We were very lucky to have the sun in our favour throughout the trip, it even got me going to the Ice Bar in my ripped jeans and open toe sandals! Needless to say, we didn't last in there very long - not because of my inappropriate clothing but because it's just too feckin' cold it's impossible to even get a grip of your ice glass to drink. 
We lost our 3 pals from night 1 btw and found 2 stray chicks instead - Dhenise and Von - who couldn't hack their little space cake sesh and had to soon be escorted back to their hostel before we got the chance to hit the Red Light District altogether, lol. 

As night 2 approached I had to keep my camera out of my hands and inside my bag because when you're at the District, photograph-taking is prohibited (photo below was taken in the Sex Musem). It's risky enough to have a camera out so much in broad daylight but I couldn't have that especially at a night in the district - you're just gonna have to go and see it for yourself! (What's a trip to Amsterdam without a walk along the RLD anyway, right?!) My friends and I were hesitant on going in to see a live sex show maybe because of slight uncomfortability with the very thought but mostly because they cost between €25-75 depending on which theatre you go to, and while we would have rather spent money in a strip club, we failed to find one! In this sense Amsterdam failed me, I was hoping to get a Magic Mike action going.. so instead we entertained ourselves popping into sex shops and judging men (that most likely were married,) walk out of a prostitute's window with dirty smug looks on their faces. The rest of the night was spent pretty chill over drinks of Coronas at our hostel's bar before catching a few hours of sleep prior to our flight back home early next morning.
And then it was time to check out at about 5 am on Apr 2, giving us enough time to get the train from the Central Station back to Schiphol airport. 

It was a very short trip, but we managed to do just enough to give us a feel of the city's right vibe with no hassle. In terms of expenses, I wouldn't say I spent over €200, considering I didn't shop for anything apart from glow in the dark condoms for the novelty of it and an Amsterdam water bottle at the airport. 

Planning to visit Amsterdam soon? If you've already been, I'd love to hear about your trip! 

I'll be back again, Amsterdam. 

Tot de volgende keer

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