OOTDeetales: Styling Sports Bra & Satin Bomber Jacket


Hello Deetalers! For my latest OOTDeetales series, I've teamed up with Pretty Little Thing to bring you some of my favourite pieces from their new Summer on Lock campaign. I'm particularly excited with this project because I was lucky enough to style six new all black pieces into five separate looks, and what better way to start this summer lookbook series than with the outfit that features something that has Pretty Little Thing literally stitched onto it?

Recent walks in the street and viewings of catwalks have seen the sports bra have its major moment beyond the confines of fitness hubs. I can think of more than a handful ways to style this particular sports bra, and even more stylish circles on the Internet to show you others, but for this look I chose to keep it comfy-casual with a pair of white high-waisted jeans and everyone's trusty trainers friend Chuck Taylor. It's not everyday only Calvin Klein can rule the newest underwear-as-outerwear trend spotlight, some days it's perfectly acceptable to embrace not only other brands but also varying interesting strap forms and colours - just as long as it's not sweaty! 

Keeping in the topic of sportswear, I've topped off this look with the right amount of athletic edge by layering with a satin bomber jacket. It may be safe to assume that only very few do not have at least a bomber jacket as part of their wardrobe staples recently, and I'm guilty of coming on very late to this trend. With its military fighter pilot origins, bomber jackets can instantly give anyone an injection of attitude. But they don't have to be ultra sporty or masculine; this season's bomber comes in a daring range of colours and designs, and mine features a statement oriental floral embroidery on the back, a trend we also see dominating high-street fashion. V, v trendy. 

Streetwear and high fashion have well and truly collided this season, making the traditional bomber jackets not limited to casual wear. Although this look showcases the trend piece in its ultimate casual form when paired up with your basic cropped top-skinny jeans-and-trainers combo, the bomber jacket is such a versatile clothing item that knows no fashion rules. From stunning silk in variation of colours to embroidered designs, bomber jackets prove to be a wearable piece that can cater to everyone's personal style. Dress it sporty, dress it chic, dress it casj.. how do you like to wear yours? 


*Pretty Little Thing Sports Bra
Topshop Joni Jeans

This post is kindly sponsored by Pretty Little Thing: Products marked with * are sent to me but my thoughts on and impressions of them are in no way swayed, all are my own.

PHOTO CREDITS: @ayeshabeans

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