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I always wanted to be that woman dressed in all black, subtly dripping in designer - glam all over in exterior but gangsta at heart. This want started not so long ago, and having your eye on designer things also isn't so special when every other gal claim to want the same thing. This purchase however, is special because unlike my Michael Kors, Louis V and Chanel, it wasn't gifted to me. I worked for it, without dramatically breaking the bank. 
I've mentioned on my socials that for my 21st (which is soon approaching!) I would buy myself a pair of Loubs - Decollete Patent specifically - and I thought I was certain, but that has now changed. Sure, I still aim to be a proud owner of that someday, but if I was to gift myself something of such value at this time I figured I'd rather it be a handbag. I'm not going to spoil which, we'll save that for another post.. For today, I put the spotlight on my Saint Laurent Monogram Leather Card Case: Why I got it, and how you could get it. 

If you know me personally and have gone out with me you might know that I don't like using wallets or purses. I like to carry around mini satchel bags (if they even classify as bags, seeing as they're nearly the size of a purse), and therefore do not entertain the space a wallet requires. For this reason, I've always just used the little pocket inserts of whatever bag I'm using to slip in my cards, receipts and any cash I might have on a given day. So I thought, if I dislike using wallets and don't have enough to advance my 21st birthday present yet and want to celebrate my iPhone payment coming to an end as well as starting my final year in university, why not compromise to treat myself to a little sweet somethin'?

Once it was decided that a card holder was needed desired, I began doing my research; plenty of blog reviews were read, and unboxing videos watched, and online boutiques browsed.
Seeing as I walk past it on my journey to work, I popped into Brown Thomas Grafton Street a few weeks ago, and for the first time, with an actual intent of buying something. Straightaway I spoke with the lovely lady at Saint Laurent for this particular one that I really wanted, but I was told they had stopped selling it early this year. They had something very similar, leather quilted card case featuring a matte black monogram which is v slick too, but I really wanted it in silver. Gutted, I explored other options I fancied - Prada and Chanel - and I would've gotten the Chanel flap wallet (someday, someday) but I thought, because I aim for a Saint Laurent handbag, a matching card holder would be nice for now.

Just my luck, Farfetch had it. They had one of it. 
For those of you who don't know, Farfetch is a global community of over 400 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers. When you order through Farfetch, your order is delivered directly from the boutique your selected item is stocked in to your door. Mine came from Ekseption, a boutique based in Madrid, Spain. I placed the order on a Saturday, and according to Farfetch's terms shipping and delivery would take approx. 5 days so I assumed I wasn't going to get it until a week later, but lo and behold, I received it just yesterday, on a Tuesday! I was v surprised and ecstatic to say the least, v impressed at how quick and easy the whole process was. Little tip for anyone planning to do business with Farfetch, you get 10% off your first purchase! P sweet! 

This YSL quilted card holder has four card slots (two in front and two on the back), five if you count the little flap opening in the centre. So now, before I haggle over which (of my many) cards are worthy of slipping into this quality leather good, I hope you enjoy these pictures I took of it fresh from the equally aesthetically-pleasing box! (Best believe you'll be seeing plenty more of her on my socials, not sorry.

If you've gotten this far reading my first journey-to-designer ramblings, thank you, and I hope that I've inspired you to also invest in a quality lux item - if you're into that kinda craic. That being said, I'm going to now list out a selection of luxury Saint Laurent card holders that I like, and that you might like:

Let me know your thoughts, and what lux leather goods you have your eyes on, I'd love to know! You can find me on all social media @inthedeetales

Happy shopping! 

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