House Of Colour SS16


Exactly this time last year - the morning after UCD Fashion Show 2016 and the after party - I did something fun and colourful with my House of Colour creative team. 

Why I'm only writing about this on the blog now, I've no excuse for. You would've seen that very headshot many a times on my social media, and maybe even on HOC window displays and gift cards.. I guess I'm documenting this fully now because soon enough, there's going to be a new colour campaign featuring, surprise surprise, me! 

It's always a pleasure working with the loveliest team: @shaunaformanhair@sineadberriganhair, Inglot make-up gals and @danbutlerphotography. V thankful they've asked me to come on board and let them work their magic hands on my wee head for another fun shoot!

Here are some of yee being all cute sending me snaps! 

I couldn't tell you much about what look we're going for in the upcoming shoot, but I trust the team to create something wonderful! The projects lined up for In The Deetales for the next few months have me kept on my toes and v v excited. I've been caught up with UCDFS17 the past 3 weeks so I haven't been blogging, but now that that's over I hope you continue sharing the journey with me! :) 

Are you as excited for SS17 as I am? 


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