While every other student I know on their midterm break spent their time off away in Amsterdam and Budapest, I stayed local and decided to explore the small town of New Ross in County Wexford.

"Dee is very much a city girl," as he says, but there was something very refreshing about taking a quick trip away from the big smoke and what I'm used to. I do admit, New Ross wouldn't have been my first call for a trip outside Dublin, if it weren't for him and the favourable circumstances considering our current financial status... 

Some of you would've already seen traces of the him I'm referring to - Éanna is ainm dó. 

Before our trip to 'Ross, we kicked off the midterm with a chilly scroll at Dun Laoghaire Pier, which naturally consisted of a 99er cone and pints and nachos at The Forty Foot (where I've had to painfully sit through watching a rugby match... how did I allow myself to become that woman?!) To be fair this date also served as an induction day for him being a freshly-recruited Instagram husband, so it's G. 

On Saturday 18th March, I booked my ticket unfortunately not from Ryan Air but from Bus Éireann for the scheduled journey the next day. I had been to a couple of counties within the country before but always with my family and never on public transport, so that was a first! A little less than 4 hours of admiring-all-the-shades-of-green-and-eventually-falling-asleep later, we got off at Waterford where I met his Mam for the first time and drove off to their humble home in 'Ross. 

The first evening was spent doing a house tour (mostly getting shown off his Student of the Year trophy and various sports medals) and trying to get their pup Bailey to like me (I don't think my stay was long enough for him to have gotten used to me, v sad!) Shortly then we walked down to his Dad's for dinner, which I thought started off so hilariously because Éanna hadn't told him his woman wasn't Irish - not that it mattered at all - but I might have given the man a wee shock when my chink self showed up at his door hahaha! You can never really prepare enough for meeting-the-parents dinners, but if you're of different descent I suggest you brush up on some mothaland knowledge because at that time I wish I knew enough of the Philippines to accordingly hold prompted conversations about it; the difference in cultures definitely makes for interesting giggles!

Living in a town with no Euro Spar or double decker buses and only one spotted stoplight - I could not. The next and only full day in 'Ross was spent outdoors, travelled by foot (imagine my amazement). 

Did you even go to New Ross if you didn't go to Dunbrody, though? It's designated to be one of the premier tourist attractions in the South East of Ireland, and I thought it to be an interesting guided tour centred on an authentic reproduction of the 1840's emigrant vessel, providing a brilliant interpretation of the famished Irish emigrant experience. Much tourist, v cultured. 

After a cheeky carrot cake at the Dunbrody Cafe, we took a little hike to Kelly's Wood, ahead of the rain catching us and accidentally getting ourselves locked in at  Oaklands Lake until rescued. 

That evening, his Mam kindly treated us to a lovely dinner at the Brandon House Hotel. This is when I pulled as much guns as I could dishing out all my recent achievements and plans for the future, jaaaasus. I think it went swell anyway, I may need confirmation so let me get back to you on that... 

(How STUN is the Solas Croí Spa all lit up at night though?)

The rest of the night was then spent bonding over Arrival (10/10 recommend btw) and flipping through old photo albums featuring the cutest baby Éanna there ever was, as what we had done at mine just a few days back on Paddy's Day, only we were cozy af in front of this marble fireplace I obviously obsessed over. Obviously. 

It mightn't seem like we got up to much from this travel diary, but it's undeniable that himself and I had grown even closer in this short time after getting a glimpse of where he grew up in. As for mine, Google Map's satellite view and aul stories will have to do for now.. 

Fresh breeze, scenic views and waking up to birds chirping is something I missed instantly with my return to Dublin.. Till next time, 


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