Laser Hair Removal at Urbana | Consultation and Session 1 | Discount Code & GIVEAWAY!


Since featuring my first session on my Instastory, I've gotten a couple of feedbacks and questions from m'lady followers wanting to know more about it. So as promised, this post is dedicated to the start of my laser hair removal journey with Urbana! Because this treatment is done in multiple sessions, I'm going to do a recap of each session as I go through them, but this first one would probably be the most informative and useful to anyone who may be looking to get the treatment done themselves!

Teeth Whitening at The White House


Ah, teeth.. Something I've always always been so insecure about. I don't have the straightest set, and definitely not the whitest either, so I was so delighted when The White House got in touch with me for a complimentary treatment. Before I went in for my treatment on the 27th March, I made sure to do my research on the company first. I was satisfied with the information I found on their site, accompanied by a pleasing amount of reviews from other bloggers and clients; a v important step before booking into anything that could potentially do you damage!