Laser Hair Removal at Urbana | Consultation and Session 1 | Discount Code & GIVEAWAY!


Since featuring my first session on my Instastory, I've gotten a couple of feedbacks and questions from m'lady followers wanting to know more about it. So as promised, this post is dedicated to the start of my laser hair removal journey with Urbana! Because this treatment is done in multiple sessions, I'm going to do a recap of each session as I go through them, but this first one would probably be the most informative and useful to anyone who may be looking to get the treatment done themselves!

Quick disclaimer: I am receiving this as a complimentary treatment, all thanks to Paula Cuddihy, but I guarantee you all my words are not swayed in any way, as with every review/feature I write on this blog!

The potential "pain" and the cost is probably the top concerns people have when considering laser hair removal. I hope this post makes you fear the pain less, as you'll see I got on graaand and at the end of the day you know it'll be S o W o r t h I t ! Also worth it: finishing this post because I'm announcing a G I V E A W A Y at the end! 

(It gets really technical but in a nutshell..) HOW DOES IT WORK?

A laser machine emits energy in the form of heat and light that targets and heats up your hair follicle. The light is attracted to and absorbed by melanin, and the heat then travels down the base of the hair to the root where it destroys the interconnections that connect the hair root to the blood supply that nourishes it. Once these cells are completely destroyed, new hair can't grow. Dreamy, tbh!

A person with darker skin will typically need more sessions than someone with a paler skin as there is not as much direct intense heat going into each follicle, the energy is filtered in slower so as not to disturb the pigment in the skin. 

After each session you will notice a slow down in growth and thinning of the hair (as I did, just after my patch test and first session!) The amount of times you have to shave will dramatically decrease after each session, and shaving will also get easier as hair will be finer and easier to shave and have less of an irritating effect on your skin. 


On the 27th of Jan I headed into Urbana for the first time for my consultation and patch test. Upon arrival I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who had asked me to fill out a form while I waited for a laser specialist to bring me to one of their fabulous treatment rooms (srsly, the interiors of this clinic is just so Instaworthy). I had a detailed chat with the specialist about what I wanted to achieve (which were hair-free legs and underarms), any medication I'm taking, hair removal and tanning habits. She then explained how the laser process works, and estimated that I'd probably require about 8 sessions (6 is the minimum for everybody). I got to voice any concerns I had about the treatment, and she gave me pre and after-care advice. If you are suitable for treatment, they will perform a quick patch test on your area. This lets them establish a safe and comfortable setting to use for your treatment, and allows you to feel the sensation from the laser so you know what to expect once you start your sessions. 48 hours is allowed after patch test to check for reaction, which I had none of. 

The first patch test was done on my right underarm. They always start on a bearable setting, and ask you if it's too much, and then they work their way through the settings to find one that's most comfortable for you. Even after watching loads of YouTube videos, I still didn't know what kind of pain, if any, was going to hit me. I guess I could word it as some sort of a prickly sensation, but it only lasts when the laser is hitting on your skin one second at a time - once the laser is away and not being zapped onto my skin, I felt nothing! I felt more of the sensation as it got closer and around the centre of my underarm, if that's worth noting. But it was over in like -10 minutes!

Straight after then, we moved to a patch on my upper leg. Because the hair there is more fine, I honestly felt (close to) nothing! Of course the cold breeze coming from the laser head helps with this hugely, so A+ for the machine they're using! After that, another patch test on my lower leg, closer to my ankles. I felt it there a little, because the hair is thicker, but it was still very tolerable. 

I asked the consultant if she thought the slight pain - if you could even call it that - comes close to the same sensation one would feel when getting tattooed because I had mine scheduled for the next morning, and she said some women had compared it to that, so in a way it kind of prepared me for what's to come! (P.S., laser hair removal doesn't even come close to the sensation I felt when I got my tattoo, but we'll talk about that later in another post...) If you've ever been waxed (I haven't, ever) I'd confidently say you're well able to go through the laser treatment.


This applies to coming in for your consultation/patch test too; ensure area is free from fake/holiday tan, and lightly exfoliate a few days before your session. Don't apply any moisturiser, cream, oil or lotion to the treatment area on the day of your session. Close shave the area the night before treatment not the day of, as shaving on the day will cause your skin to feel more sensitive throughout the treatment and may limit the amount of energy they can use due to skin sensitivity. 


It took me a while to finally make time to book an appointment but I finally went and did my first session on the 28th of March. I was delighted to find that Paula herself was going to look after me that day, after just being in contact via email beforehand - she, along with all the other Urbana ladies are so so lovely and make you feel so so comfortable and at ease, which is so so important when you're going in for a treatment where you don't really know what feeling to expect! 

So we carried on to do my first session: both underarms this time, and my full legs. I was a lot less nervous because I knew what to expect from doing the patch tests. I'd say I was rested on the bed with my stunna laser shades for about an hour while Paula worked away, making sure I was comfortable with the settings every now and then in-between our chats.

Urbana is a dedicated hair removal clinic using high performance medical grade lasers featuring Cryo Cooling System for comfort, and with one session under my belt, I can promise you that Paula and the rest of the team know their sh*t inside out, and you're very safe in their hands! 


Urbana operates on a pay per session basis, so you don't have to pay for 6 sessions up front, you simply pay as you go. So for example if you want your bikini (from Basic to Full Hollywood it costs the same) treated, it costs €60 and you pay that each time you come in. Their prices also remains the same and won't suddenly jump up after your first given sessions. They also have a loyalty scheme giving you 10% off each treatment, points are allocated to each client file and can be redeemed off subsequent treatments. 


Any bikini line & underarm: €80
Any bikini line, underarm & lower leg: €135
Any bikini line, underarm & full leg: €160

These are just their basic packages, if you'd like other areas treated, you can get a quote here.

BUT BUT BUT before you do, Paula has kindly agreed to give YOU 10% OFF your first session with Urbana! Note that this discount is strictly for new clients who have not had laser done with Urbana before. All you gotta do is mention my name - Dee Alfaro or In The Deetales - when you're booking a consultation! 

ANDDD ! ! ! 

I'm running a competition on Instagram for one of you to win a voucher for 3 sessions of any bikini and underarm! That's basically €240 off your full treatment, can you spell b a r g a i n ?! Head over to my Instagram @inthedeetales (click this pic) and follow the simple rules for a chance to win! 

I would not be promoting Urbana if I felt their service is in any way harmful, uncomfortable, or any bit unpleasant. From what I've experienced so far, I definitely recommend them for anyone who, like me, is absolutely sick of shaving and wants to be hair-free, & definitely mention my name when you're booking for the first time! 

My next session is due early next month, so I'll update you then. 

Let me know if you're making a booking/undergoing treatment too!



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