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Ah, teeth.. Something I've always always been so insecure about. I don't have the straightest set, and definitely not the whitest either, so I was so delighted when The White House got in touch with me for a complimentary treatment. Before I went in for my treatment on the 27th March, I made sure to do my research on the company first. I was satisfied with the information I found on their site, accompanied by a pleasing amount of reviews from other bloggers and clients; a v important step before booking into anything that could potentially do you damage! 

I never paid much attention to my eating and drinking habits that have obviously stained my dentine, leaving them discoloured and appearing yellow. I believe this is due to lots of tea drinking, and desperate amount of coffee every cramming season, but note that flavoured/coloured drinks, red wine, and smoking can also leave your teeth stained. 

How does it work?

The Beyond Power Advanced Whitening System removes the stain, done by placing the whitening gel on the teeth and exposing it to the specifically tuned frequency of cold filtered blue light which turns the whitening gel into oxygen. This allows the whitening gel to penetrate under the enamel to remove the stains from the dentine of the tooth. This restores the teeth back to their natural whiteness, leaving them looking healthy and naturally white. 

The Treatment

After a quick greeting with the specialist, I was given the Treatment Consent Information to read over and sign. My visit was made very comfortable and professional; he talked me through the whole process and made sure I had no questions flying over my head. He even kept me entertained by putting on Ellen although I know he only did that to help me keep my head fixed in place for a successful treatment. A cheek retractor was inserted in my mouth to keep my teeth well exposed for the treatment, and then he had a look at my teeth against the shade measurements. Before the treatment my teeth were about the middle of 3M. The whitening gel is applied and activated with the laser light for the first 15-minute session. After that's done, he cleans it up and reapplies a new layer of whitening gel for the second session. And again for a third time. The full treatment takes an hour, completely pain-free and is very relaxing. Perhaps it was too relaxing due to my prohibited movement through the course of it, that I actually fell asleep through the second session..

How much?

You can book for the full advanced teeth whitening treatment here, which is usually on offer for €99, but because I want you all to have brighter smiles I have a 25% discount code (that's €75 for a complete teeth whitening treatment! Tell me that didn't make you smile?!) Just use "DWH25" in the More info box when you're booking online, similarly if you're booking through the phone just mention the code to them.

Why The White House?

The White House have a team of fully qualified and experienced dental professionals who specialise in whitening treatments only, and therefore have unique ability to tailor treatments to every client's exact requirement. Laser teeth whitening treatment at The White House has been extensively tested and proven to have no negative effects on the enamel, dentine of teeth or the gums. 

Because I have extrinsic stains (stains that build up on top of the enamel, around cracks and fillings or between the teeth), I have been recommended to get this removed with a scale and polish at the dentist. He had also told me that after I get this done, I should come back to do the same treatment again to further go up the scale from my current 2M post-treatment, to a spanking 1M. 

The White House clinics are located in Dundrum (where I had my treatment done,) Swords, Galway, Belfast, and Edinburgh. 

For further information, visit thewhitehouse.ie and book an appointment now!

Signing off with a more confident smile, 

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