DEETOURS: Dunmore East, Co. Waterford


When you start dating someone not a Dub, you're bound to be making trips to the country side more often... and I'm not complaining one bit. Following our trip to New Ross, E' and I spent 4 days in Dunmore East on the 24th-27th of May.

I don't think I've expressed specifically on my blog just how much I'm thrilled to finally be D O N E with college - for the last few months of my last semester, I've practically been living with E' and although that meant seeing each other 99% of the week, we were always stressed out. So after exams, you can imagine how much we had looked forward to spending even just a few days together completely stress-free. And so it was!

Day 1 
3 hours on the bus from Dublin had me drained (I don't deal w long bus journeys v well,) so when we got to Waterford we spent the rest of the evening settling in their mobile home (including having to get rid of a mother seagull's nest with her 3 eggs in it while she was off hunting for worms, so so so sad,) and doing the wine food shopping. 

Day 2
Get you a man who prepares your breakfast every morning. And get you a woman who gets rid of  alllll the spiders for you. Best compromisation deal or what? I think so. 

We got v lucky with the weather, seeing as all I packed were cropped tops, shorts and swimwear. So naturally, our first proper activity was the beach! The Councillors Strand and Lawlor's Beach are no more than a 10-minute walk from our mobile, right by the village. Happy out! 

Dinner and drinks at The Strand Inn!

Sand in my toes, yummy seafood in my tummy - we seized the sunny day walking the Portally Cliff to end the evening, where I made friends with a few cows, as ya do.

Day 3
White wine for breakfast under the sun - don't mind if I do! 
The morning was spent earning awkward tan lines before we got the bus to head to his seantuismitheoir├ş's house. 

It's always a little nerve-wrecking meeting your other half's family for the first time, but Grandma & Grandad were so so lovely and welcoming, and I have to mention my admiration for Grandma's Glam because I aspire to be as charming as she is when I'm older! They kept me entertained with stories from E's childhood, and fed with this bread-that-shall-not-be-named particularly associated with and exclusive to Waterford. If you know what I'm talking about, and you're a Filo yourself, you might agree it's very similar to our pandesal! Talk about culture crossover.. 

After they drove us back to Dunmore, E' and I spent the the rest of the evening having the most chilled out picnic on the green overlooking the sea, before heading home to watch downloaded films until we fell asleep on the couch.. and of course we had to take snaps wearing our "matching" Boohoo and BoohooMAN shirts! (Now he's definitely an "Instagram-husband", thanks to Burrell PR!) 

Day 4
On the fourth day they rose again to the sound of kittiwakes..

Until Bailey (his super naughty doggo,) came to pick us up. But before we hit the road, we had time to take another long walk exploring several of the village's alluring coves, like the Stoney Cove, Ladies' Cove, Men's Cove, and Badgers Cove. You can see ripples of the waves in action in this vlog - it's such a perfect and peaceful scenery, sometimes this is just the type of cheap date you need. 

Above is me trying, and succeeding, in not being too bloody terrified of doggos. Cue the applause, please!

& that's Bailey, while he looks cute, you know what they say about cute people dogs... they're feisty af. 

You found beauty in things I never would've taken a second to stop and appreciate before, & I thought that was beautiful. 

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If you'd like to see more of this trip, I've tried to "vlog" it here. I'm not sure how I managed to get him in front of the camera like that but one thing's for certain: expect not to see him again HAHAH. ✌­čĆ╗

If you've been to Dunmore East or planning to go, let me know! I fell in love with the place and unfortunately I can't be back until next summer (maybe...), as E' is away and the village is only really open during summer months. Hopefully we get to jet off somewhere for another DeeTour when he's back but for now, I'm keeping myself on my toes. 

Lots of love,

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