Electric Picnic 2017 with Aussie Hair


(Do you know what though, I'm not even the slightest sorry for posting this over a month late. And I only really am because a hurricane just hit Ireland and I'm wishing it was festival season again, plus I had video clips I didn't want left dusting in my hard drive - see link to my short vlog at the end of this post!) So in case you didn't know, I went to Electric Picnic this year!

A week before EP weekend, I got a call from Burrell PR inviting me to EP with Aussie Hair. Weekend tickets, food, drink, and of course hair taken care of - I'd be crazy not to have said yes!

As this was my first music festival experience (I know,) I had no idea what to prepare, and how to do it in just under a week. Was I packing for the sun / the wind / the rain / the mud / all?! Almost instantly after my invite I got in touch with my faves at PLT of course, so they sorted me out with my festival 'fits! I was v stubborn and did not give in to buying a pair of boots (grand enough to substitute for a pair of wellies) 'til the very last minute - don't be like me. Those boots ended up being major EP key. I tried my best not to overpack... I tried. But there I was on Saturday morning leaving Dublin with Leah, Careen and Ruth, my little self dragging my tent, sleeping bag, gym bag for clothes, cross body bag, and a bag of cans. I genuinely felt like a festival fresher hahaha.

To celebrate the launch of Aussie's Wash & Blow In A Can (I've sampled all scents and they are diviiiiiine,) Aussie have teamed up with Electric Picnic to launch the ultimate Aussie experience. As an "Aussie VIP" I got my #HeadlinerHair styled on Saturday morning in Aussie's Joozh bar tent, which was also open to style the public before my Aussie dolls - Niamh, Holly, Ruth, Joanna & Shauna - and I took over.

It stayed pretty dry on Saturday until about 6:30 PM, when the rain came down and we found ourselves huddling in one of the tent stages watching Birdy. So while we had our tents up at the Guests & Performers site, we decided to spend the night dry and comfy at Careen's house an hour drive away from Stradbally.

When it comes to food at EP, you're spoiled with choices. And the cans of Bulmers I bothered to bring, they remained untouched, bc my Burrell ladies had me spoilt with a VIP pass to Casa Bacardi which was just the best thing ever bc the Mojitos! Kept coming! And coming!

By the time we got back to Stradbally on Sunday morning, I looked and felt a mess from Day 1. Everywhere was mucky and not glam but my #HeadlinerHair kept strong. While most of Saturday was spent doing blogger bits at the Aussie tent, the next day was more relaxed and allowed me to hop freely from stage to stage. There were acts I would've wanted to see but I just wasn't bothered with lineup timetables, so I made the most of those I got to watch, like the queen Chaka Khan!

Another challenging thing about EP is making plans to meet up with friends on site - it ain't gonna happen. I'd wanted to meet up with a couple of friends there but with my blogging obligations and people's own little schedules and shitty phone reception, it  didn't work. I bumped into these cuties Megan and Zena though! 

Considering I had an episode of emotional breakdown (literally howling on the phone...) 4 hours before this EP trip, I tried not to let it affect my weekend and I still really enjoyed myself. I'm especially so grateful for Leah and Careen for spoiling me and looking after me all weekend - Thank you for making "work" not feel like "work"!


*PrettyLittleThing - Multi-stripe Playsuit
*PrettyLittleThing - Frill Ribbed Bardot Crop Top
*PrettyLittleThing - Distressed Long Line Denim Jacket (customised at PLT event!)
Boots are from Penneys / Primark!

Annnnd CLICK HERE to watch a short vid I made of this weekend!

A million thanks to @aussiehair for bringing me to such a fun trip!

Have you got your Electric Picnic 2018 ticket yet?

'Til then,


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