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It seems I've earned an additional title to put in my bio: Fashion Contributor to The Style Edit Media - an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to celebrating style from fashion and beauty to food, travel and interiors. Founder and editor Jenny Taggart have scoured the globe to bring you an eclectic team of expert contributors, and I'm honoured to have been chosen as Dublin Reporter alongside my partner in crime, Lawson! One of our first tasks was to take a trip up to Belfast for a day of content filming and of course, fashion. So off we went, Lawson and I, on my first train trip to Belfast on the 26th of October.

Have I ever felt so extra in my life, walking through the train station dressed like that? Possibly not. First on the agenda was to meet at Victoria Square to finally meet Jenny in the flesh. We spent about 3-4 hours at Rio & Brazil - one of Northern Ireland's oldest surviving independent designer store. There, I had the pleasure of making a mess in store trying on outfits, and meeting Steven Simpson who runs the family business. From him, I got to know a little bit about the business's history, where the stock comes from, and what lies ahead for Rio & Brazil and their online hub, Mr. and Mrs. Stitch. We filmed this interview / rail-raiding of course, you can click here to watch if you'd like! (Stoppp I know, rolling my eyes at Lawson being so pro and showing me up!!)

We wrapped it up then and headed to the very beautiful Belfast Cathedral for West Coast Cooler Fashion Week - thank you Jenn and Cathy Martin for the frow tickets! Before the show started, I had to get a set of pics taken of course, thanks to Robbie, who did an amazing job capturing and producing our Belfast trip video content! In this video you'll find insider scenes from the event, and chats with Cathy MartinTiffany Brien, and Emily Hancock. Fashion shows are something I always enjoy attending / somewhat taking part in - having modelled in two consecutive fashion shows myself, I recognise and appreciate the hard work, long hours and profound passion exerted into pulling an exquisite event as such, and so I love the whole experience of witnessing the production from an A. Wintour point of view, only instead witnessing a mix of local designers and boutiques, high street fashion retailers and some top sponsors.. Maybe next time I'll be seeing more premium at LFW or - the absolute dream - NYFW?!

What seemed a v long day (but v fun nonetheless,) ended with Lawson & I eating Northern chipper at the bus station en route back to Dublin - no after parties bc ya gal had an office job to show up to the next morning!

I've also written my first fashion article for TSE, giving you tips on how to wear the Prince of Wales Check. Be sure to follow The Style Edit on all social media to keep with trends and fab lifestyle tales and content, and of course watch this space for more articles shared by yours truly!


Zara | Midi Dress
Public Desire | Faux Snake Ankle Boots




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